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  1. I'm a little late here but I just saw this, congrats Chris that's one sharp new ride.
  2. Nice, I'm looking forward to seeing how the Dart runs, should be awesome.
  3. Nice, congratulation on the new ride.
  4. Nice, very cool looking cat.
  5. I believe they have run 1.6's and other than DR's and a tune (on one) both cars are basically stock.
  6. Congrats on the PB, those are some nice times.
  7. I've been running the M&H 275/50/17's and for the most part have been happy with them, but I think I'm going to go with the MT 305/45/17's for my next set. After looking at the 60' times of a few of my fellow 392 Hemi owners I think they will deliver a bit better launch. I'm thinking of going with these https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mtt-3572/overview/
  8. Very cool, congrats on the new ride.
  9. Just wait until you get that motor broken in Chris then you will really feel the power .
  10. Nice, the rims look great.
  11. Resume speed posted a picture (post 129) would assume it has some relevance to the ADR http://www.hellcat.org/threads/2018-dodge-challenger-information-thread.48473/page-9 posts 169, 170 by resume speed: http://www.hellcat.org/threads/2018-dodge-challenger-information-thread.48473/page-12 The Hellcat wide body will use 305's. ADR should have 315's. WB will be an optional package on the Challenger Hellcat models. post 185: http://www.hellcat.org/threads/2018-dodge-challenger-information-thread.48473/page-13 How much more power? How much different than standard hellcat? When the numbers are officially announced, you'll may want to plan to be sitting down. Some numbers have been given as a hint on allpar, they list 981, 863, 188 lot's of speculation there and on the Hellcat forum as to the meaning. Rayzazoos guess: http://www.hellcat.org/threads/2018-dodge-challenger-information-thread.48473/page-17 981 863 188 I think these numbers need to be deciphered top to bottom by column. 9.81 sec 1/4mi 868 rwhp (900-925 hp) 138 mph 4400-4450 lbs 315/40/18 Nitto NT05R No backseat Seat belt harness (like the ones at Bondurant) or roll cage. It begs to question, what would the factory do to give a Hellcat a 200 rwhp jump? I can't believe some of you guy's have missed the rumor mill on this, it's almost as if you were spending too much time playing with Camaro's or something .
  12. ADR, American Drag racer, not talking about the AWD six cylinder car. Lot's of speculation as to the HP figure on it, on the Hellcat forum resume speed just has a blank space for the moment as motors output. http://www.hellcat.org/threads/2018-dodge-challenger-information-thread.48473/ Allpar has a thread on it here: https://www.allpar.com/forums/threads/wide-body-challenger.166442/ Various known insiders have some hints as to HP etc.. in that thread. Here's a few hints from the thread: oh2o said: ADRHP = "A lot more than 707, and a lot less than 1,000" redriderbob said: ↑ ADR will be a decontent version of the other wide body Challenger. From what I hear, it will be the first time that line lock will be offered on the Challenger. Also in the UConnect settings there will be a special features for the drag strip in the SRT settings for the suspension and other things... oh20 answer to above: You'll be able to order the ADR somewhat "decontented", but for those that want the creature comforts, one will be able to load it up very nicely. Smitman said: ↑ Rear seat delete? Cage? Front skinnies? I am also wondering if you will have options in UConnect to keep your ET's under 10.00 ( NHRA cage rules), by dialing down boost. oh20 response: Rear seat delete, yes. No cage. P315/40R18 x 4. Not sure about the UConnect settings.
  13. Yeah but it seems like every comparison test I've seen with the Hellcat they usually use a manual Hellcat against a Camaro/Shelby or what ever they are testing it against. I've always found that somewhat frustrating because I want to see a fastest to fastest comparison, so if the automatic is faster than they should use that to compare to the top dog of the competitor. So I guess it doesn't bother me that the shoe is on the other foot for once . But that said it will be interesting to see an automatic to automatic comparison, but what ever the results it will be short lived because the 2018 ADR's will be out soon and I think it's going to pretty much hammer the ZL1..
  14. That's what I was figuring and why I was wondering what kind of gain they would give to a stock block. We have all seen advertisements for 25 HP CAI's, Throttle bodies and Cat backs, I don't believe any of those bolt on's hit those kinds of number's, but I'm hopeful these heads perform as advertised. I'm certainly looking forward to finding out more about them, the intake and any future offering.