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  1. From the album My Jeeps

  2. From the album My Jeeps

  3. Good looking hardware!
  4. Very nice... That Challenger is a beast on the inside and out.
  5. Very nice. Crongrats.
  6. I'm just guy on the sidelines here, like yourself, Mr. Raider!
  7. 2 Strikes back in the house! Good to see you around these parts, Mr. Yates.
  8. Jeez... This thread is nutz!
  9. Alan is a good dude, no doubt.
  10. Following.
  11. Happy New Year, broseph!
  12. The black beast. Very nice, AJ!
  13. ... Yes, yes I do. Tony, I can't speak on Arrington's behalf but I will tell you that Joe put one hell-of-a 10 rib pulley setup on your blue beast. I was actually in the chassis dyno filming it during its runs with the new setup. It blew our minds that it was still slipping! I would SO be putting a cog system on that thing at this point. I hope they get it figured out for your soon, sir.
  14. Most here are aware of the things that I did for my previous employer, and a few here know of ALL of the things that I did there. I have no intentions of starting down a new career path.
  15. Merry Christmas, broseph. I've landed already, good sir. Had to fire up my own company in order to help some good people out in this community.