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  1. only piece i would be interested in is the gauges bezel piece. i already have my console and radio bezel customized.
  2. can you get a turbo for less than $800?
  3. thanks, now if I could find a SC for the price i paid for those skins,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LMAO!! lol
  4. sure, i dont think folks just give those away now do ya. but thanks,
  5. you can always change to katskins. ;0 and get them the way she wants them.... i know there is no way I can get what I want on trade for a new one so I will just keep what I have and enjoy it.
  6. just got tired of having the same interior everyone else has, mostly. it does brighten yup the inside for sure.
  7. was lucky to find a guy on CT selling Katskins and he had a set of white with blue piping. figured what the hell, got them for less than a 3rd of what they really cost. yesterday I took the seats to my upholstery shop and he told me he would have them ready by Friday, well i get a call this morning he said come pick them up, finished!! takes about an hour to get everything back in. and here is the result. at the end of show season I will send the headrests off to Jina so she can work her magic on them.
  8. tells you how much he knows about hot rodding if he cant recognize a Hurst emblem.
  9. see, I predicted it, Welcome to the Modern Mopar Hellcat Forum....
  10. Perry here.
  11. well they did piss off a lot of Japanese back in the day..
  12. Mopar CAI is 6' at the intake tube? dam, I got mine off of Jon Dalton and it was on his Magnum, but the filter is basically jammed into the box because it is a wide one at the base.
  13. you got a pic of the filters?, I may be interested in one of those. also 4" inlet?
  14. Texas mile is October 24-26, 2014 still too close to each other, again having to pay for hotels is the big problem. plus , there is a slim chance I may be back teaching again,
  15. yep, it does make it tough, back to back weekends and then got to get hotels for both, it can get expensive. even though I have been to moparfest, it is a great event. but now that the mile has popped up right after, I just cant do both.