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  1. Nice ride congratulations. I like the color. You can bring a backup car to CF10 next year. Hope you enjoy it.
  2. Kevin is the CF time keeper. He does a great job. It takes effort to set down & type the count down in every single day. I am thankful that he does.
  3. Kevin I check out your count down thread every so often. Unless I am missing something it is 18 days to go. April 12-15 are the dates. Not trying to mess up your thread. Maybe you are coming in early or something. I know you drive a long way to get to BG. Just making sure you had the right dates. Sorry if I am missing something.
  4. They do have race fuel at the track. It is 110 leaded renegade. You might want to check with the track to be 100% sure. That is what they have sold in the past. Most everyone brings their own fuel. There is a local renegade distributor in BG. They have all of the renegade race fuels. You might want to check with them also to be sure they have what you want.
  5. How much money are you wanting to spend? That would help narrow down what kind of trailer to look for. As far as length I would not go anything less than 18ft. That's what I have. I would also go with a steel floor if you go with a steel trailer.
  6. Check with Hemi31. I think he has done a lot of replacements.
  7. From my experience DR's need good track prep to hook good. Slicks will do better on a not so good track. I have had both & my 60ft is better with the slicks. I have auto with FTI 3200 stall & I use the 17in Hoosier slicks.
  8. Is this a Modern Muscle ported TB or was it ported by someone else. Modern Muscle TB's are 87mm. You have this one as 88mm. If you don't mind me asking why are you taking it off? Sorry I over looked the price.
  9. Price ??????????
  10. I would not go to tight on the belt. To tight could break a bearing. Don't know what brand of belt that you are using. Gates has a new belt out just for superchargers. It is called Gates RPM belt. The belt was a texture on it to help with slipping problems. I talked to Gates about it & they were high on it for SC motors. I bought one when I put my new AR tensioner on. So for I have had good results with the RPM belt & the AR tensioner
  11. Good to see you putting something back together to race Guy. This will be a sleeper car for sure
  12. Fun trip. I enjoyed it. Good to know I have a few miles left in me. You did great with the driving. I was about done for when I told you to drive. You are going to enjoy the new ride it is awesome.
  13. I would be careful with Orange Crush. I heard that he has been taking steroids over the winter.
  14. I have that same filter on my Vortech. It has been on over a year without any issues. I have made several drag strip passes & a lot of WOT street driving. It may come apart but so far so good.
  15. Mine is a Vortech. I thing I have solved the problem with the new ARS tensioner & the new RPM belt from Gates.