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  1. Check with Hemi31. I think he has done a lot of replacements.
  2. From my experience DR's need good track prep to hook good. Slicks will do better on a not so good track. I have had both & my 60ft is better with the slicks. I have auto with FTI 3200 stall & I use the 17in Hoosier slicks.
  3. Is this a Modern Muscle ported TB or was it ported by someone else. Modern Muscle TB's are 87mm. You have this one as 88mm. If you don't mind me asking why are you taking it off? Sorry I over looked the price.
  4. Price ??????????
  5. I would not go to tight on the belt. To tight could break a bearing. Don't know what brand of belt that you are using. Gates has a new belt out just for superchargers. It is called Gates RPM belt. The belt was a texture on it to help with slipping problems. I talked to Gates about it & they were high on it for SC motors. I bought one when I put my new AR tensioner on. So for I have had good results with the RPM belt & the AR tensioner
  6. Good to see you putting something back together to race Guy. This will be a sleeper car for sure
  7. Fun trip. I enjoyed it. Good to know I have a few miles left in me. You did great with the driving. I was about done for when I told you to drive. You are going to enjoy the new ride it is awesome.
  8. I would be careful with Orange Crush. I heard that he has been taking steroids over the winter.
  9. I thought the same thing when I first started looking at this tensioner. How good can it be I thought but Speedy & I went to BG in late November & I started fighting belt slip & that pushed me into calling Frank & asking about the tensioner. I have no regrets on the purchase after I got it & saw how well it was built plus it fixed my problem & that alone was worth the money for the tensioner
  10. I have one. Great product. Really took care of my belt slip issue. I have the 38 lb spring on Frank's advice because of street driving.
  11. I have that same filter on my Vortech. It has been on over a year without any issues. I have made several drag strip passes & a lot of WOT street driving. It may come apart but so far so good.
  12. Welcome Jon
  13. Mine is a Vortech. I thing I have solved the problem with the new ARS tensioner & the new RPM belt from Gates.
  14. I had just put a new Dayco tensioner with a new Gates belt on my car in June last year & at WOT I was getting belt slip like crazy. I had dropped almost a lb of boost & belt dust every where. I put the new ARS tensioner on with a new designed belt just for superchargers from Gates & so for so good. I have done a few WOT hits & no belt dust at all. Like I said I will test it at BG in March with logs.
  15. I went with the 38 lb spring. My car is not a full time track car & Frank suggested going with the 38 lb for that reason. He said it would be a little easier on the AC & alternator pulleys. He said a new Dayco tensioner was around 19 lbs compared to ARS tensioner at 38 or 50 lbs. I have not gone to the track with it yet. Bowling Green will open the first weekend of March. I will test it there with data logs.
  16. I put the American Racing tensioner on my car back in November. I was getting a lot of belt slip with the Dayco tensioner at WOT. The AR fixed it. It is a well built tensioner. Not cheap but I thank it is worth the money. We checked it on Speedy's car before I put it on my car.We picked up over a full lb of boost at WOT from no belt slip. I have not had a chance to do any data logging on my car yet. AR tensioner . Good product.
  17. DSS for the win. My DSS drive shaft is one less thing I have to worry about when racing.
  18. PM sent Eric
  19. You are in good hands with the Doban guys. They will take care of you. Great people to work with.
  20. Just make sure a bottled water is not in the cup holder. Ask Speedy if you don't understand
  21. Raptor for me. Small body with bright light. Install was not bad.
  22. Hey Bill, good to have you back. You have been missed. My wife ask me all the time if I here from you any more. Looks like a CF7 reunion. Go get that car & start modding it. Lots of new stuff since you left.
  23. I have never owned a towing vehicle with a SC but I am not sure how that is going to work out. You may want to get some opinions from Cam & Eric & some of these guys on the forum about it. My challenger is SC with a Vortech. Pretty much same setup as the ProCharger. Both are centri type SC. I know on my car it is pretty calm until I hit around 2000 rpms & then you better be holding on. I could only imagine my Ram being SC towing my car when it started making boost. DANGEROUS. My Vortech is making 13lbs of boost but even at 6-7 lbs it came on pretty fast. Not trying to hijack your tread but do a little more checking before you spend a lot of money SCing your truck & cannot use it to tow any more. I have a 2012 Ram 1500 I tow with. It has the 6 speed trans & 392 gear. I do run the Diablo 93 oct tune in it & changed a few parameters. I have raced a few 4.6 mustangs & rice rockets in it. Not lost a race yet. Just giving you something to think about.
  24. I am like Chuck about the BBQ plus you can get ribs also. Their food is great. I look forward to the Friday night meal. I guess BBQ & ribs must be a southern thing.
  25. I have the Carlisle Radial Trail RH on my trailer for 2 years now. So far they have been excellent. I did go from a C rating to a D rated tire on a 15 in wheel. 2160 lbs if I remember is the tire rating. I went back & forth on tires when I was looking to buy new ones. Carlisle supposedly went in & redesigned this tire about 21/2 years ago because they were having a lot of trouble with their tires blowing out. What ever you decide on make sure you get them balanced. I also run 60 lbs of air in the tires. These tires have a lot of miles on them & they still look new. No dipping or wear on the edges. I do rotate them from time to time. They have done well in the heat of summer also. I let a good friend of mine borrow my trailer last August to tow his car to Las Vegas. He went out & back without any problem. Said he ran 70-75 mph all the way. I will buy another set of these Carlisle's when these wear out.