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  1. 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Owner Arrested For Showing Off! http://www.fox2detroit.com/news/us-and-world-news/247248098-story Chicago man showing off car clocked at 160 mph on Indiana Toll RoadChristopher Garza | Indiana State Police POSTED:APR 07 2017 02:59PM EDT UPDATED:APR 07 2017 05:36PM EDT (SUN TIMES MEDIA WIRE) - A Chicago man who wanted to show his friends how fast his new sports car could go ended up in jail after being clocked on radar going over 150 mph on the Indiana Toll Road. An Indiana State Police trooper was sitting in a marked squad car about 1:30 a.m. Friday in the crossover on I-90 just east of the Cline Avenue exit in Gary, according to ISP. by Taboola Sponsored Links Trooper Alaa Hamed saw a vehicle coming behind him in the eastbound lanes at a high rate of speed, to say the least. The 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the only vehicle he could see in either direction, was initially clocked at 158 mph in a 70 mph zone, ISP said in a statement. A second speed check showed the car doing 151 mph as it “rapidly decreased its speed as it passed Hamed’s police car,” according to ISP. The trooper chased the vehicle and pulled it over about two miles later. The driver, 30-year-old Christopher Garza of Chicago, said he recently bought the car and “wanted to show his friends what his 707 horsepower engine could do,” police said. He said he “knew he was going 160 mph and thought the Indiana Toll Road would be the safest place to do this since it was empty,” police said. Garza was taken to the Lake County Jail in Crown Point and charged with reckless driving. Two passengers in the vehicle were taken to a hotel as the car was towed, likely at a much slower speed. Asked the fastest speed ever recorded on an Indiana highway, ISP spokeswoman Sgt. Ann Wojas said, “I don’t know what that would be, but I could pretty well say this is one of the fastest if not the fastest I have ever heard of in my 31 years!
  2. Nice, really nice. Vendor?
  3. Congrats Jeff, glad the hard work is paying off for you.
  4. I met her @ Norwalk a few years ago, what a beautiful and kind person. Prayers for Ken and family. Alan, if you call for a donation collection, I'm in, just email me a paypal request.
  5. Nice build. I can remember not so long ago, folks were gettin run out of the forum for even mentioning Whipple
  6. Great build Sammy. Congrats to all involved.
  7. 142! Badass Mani, congrats.
  8. Good info for pre 2011's
  9. Follow the tube down further to locate a connection. Keep in mind this tube may have changed from 09-11. I was at the dealership yesterday and there's only 2 available nationwide, so I had nothing to look @.
  10. This was my OEM assembly. Note* #3 is the low pressure feed line (out) from the brake master cylinder reservoir (in) to #1 clutch pedal master cylinder. #4 is the hi pressure (out) braided line from the clutch pedal master cylinder straight to the (in) of the clutch actuator slave in the bellhousing. Disregard the next paragraph, I didn't read your post correctly. (I now see you wrote clutch master). it's the internet, what can i say? Not one part of the clutch system is connected directly to the brake master cylinder itself. It is impossible to actuate both the brakes and clutch with the brake master cylinder. The (clutch) master cylinder & the (brake) master cylinder share the plastic reservoir that's mounted atop the (brake) master cylinder, not the (brake) master cylinder itself. Replace the block you see far north on the braided line, closest to the clutch master cylinder, just before the firewall with the part that you posted up from Ram/Summit, plumb your new 3-AN line and you're done. You'll need a longer braided line than what Ram sent you or you'll find yourself using couplings for the short lines in the package, best to use 1 line with no connections/obstructions.
  11. What year & make is your Challenger? Mine is 2011 SRT
  12. Found it in my Summit order archive - FRA-650310 Screwed this into the connecting block under the cowl just below the master cylinder on the clutch pedal line coming out of the firewall. Note* You won't be connecting directly to the master cylinder @ all. The connection is made from the pedal line. Look @ the master cylinder (right side/ line connection side). The hard lines you see connected to the (Brake) Master cylinder are strictly brake lines * Do Not Touch* There is a black clamped rubber hose that feeds fluid through the firewall to the pedal. This is the (clutch) pedal/master cylinder low pressure feed line. Now look closer and you'll see the high pressure line coming out of the firewall near the same location. You'll find the connection block, after that It should have some (High temp OEM corrugated plastic wire loom over the braided line, all the way down to the bell housing. There is a firewall clamp holding the line close to the firewall. This is the line you want to delete. You can tie into that line either with the Ram fitting, which will require cutting or tie into the block connection you see closest to the master cylinder by way of AN bubble adapter.
  13. Wish my car was here, I could help you out. Whatever the case, no cutting was involved. An AN adapter is what I used, but never cut a line.
  14. I don't have a pic right now, car is in Martinsville. I purchased extra braided line & went all the way from the pedal @ the firewall. The stock line was tiny by comparison.