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  1. opinion are like assholes and everybody has one... your opinions are yours but the tune is in the PCM and as GSO likes to say ya gotta pay to see behind that curtain. Alan, blown7 won't get wacked and it's not bait just sharing some information beyond what many are willing to believe I figured you would be happy to see somebody had the balls to attempt this out of the entire community it was Steve who stepped up and is giving it a wirl and knowing full well that it might not work but I'll put my money on RDP especially when he does the 392 in 2 weeks Have a great day J you need to let it go already
  2. tony, which ones did you get as they 2 different versions that they sell
  3. I had a greqat time guys and Mike it was the matched shoes also saw some killer cars after dinner
  4. Congrats Chuck figure your about 12psi and get some NT05r for the street your going to need them brother and you have the hookup all you have to do is call... 315/35/20 for your rears just know your wife is going whoop your butt at the track