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  1. Yep, 7100 is the one I had and I was not able to use all the available power. It didn't shift consistently at 7100 RPM between the gears. That is it shifted to second around 7050 RPM, second to third 7090 and at the end of the track 7100ish. It was frustrating to look at the logs and see this TCM shift point moved around. As I said earlier, this was a big step up from the MTCM... I bracket race and my shift rpm varied from pass to pass. Like 7035 the first pass, then 7055 and so on. For a bracket racer this is much less than ideal.....up until now! OST DYNO Custom Tuned TCM is customized to fit each application. Lets see, it costs less and works better.....what is there not to like?
  2. I have an OST Dyno custom TCM. As ALWAYS Mike is responsive and his products are tested and well thought out. I was running a Paramount TCM and had been BEGGING for several years to move the shift points past 7100 RPM. When it came out it was the only game in town for our NAG 1s... OST Dyno Custom PCM: As always, OST Dyno responds to emails and delivers a tested and thought out product. Mike at OST mover my shift points to 7650 RPM at WOT and I picked up over a tenth at the track. Mike asked if I wanted to move the shift points higher! Not until I'm sure my valve train/lifters/valve springs/valve weight are happy. At 15.5:1 CR there is not much room for valve float...For many of us, this is was the missing piece of the puzzle rather than having to go with an old school trans. From what I've seen OST Dyno has the best price for a custom tuned TCM. Here is the link: http://modernmoparfo...ailable-at-ost/
  3. You made it look easy. Everything was well organized. All the hours you and your team put in before the event made CF6 the best CF yet! THANKS!!
  4. I'm interested in going....only problem this the weekend before MSHS at VMP.........
  5. Here are some pics of some throttle body to intake transitions I've been playing with. These pics are also available on LxF...... I rented some dyno time back in November, 2014 to see if an elbow was going to hurt the power vs. a vertically mounted throttle body. Bets were the vertical would make the most power, 6061 elbow then Edelbrock. Turned out they were all were within 5 HP. The last pic was taken last week showing a 148mm throttle body that just tucks under a stock hood. Trans came out last week after developing a leak. It's going back in Friday. THEN back to the dyno and track. All the 90mm Throttle Body set ups are FS. PM if your interested.
  6. Guy, FWIW, my post was not to poke at your spray mod. I've watched how methodical and careful you are at the track. I'm sure you will have fun in the Mod class and can manage a couple of pills/bottles and such... Like you, never say never, I've considered the same exact mod to reach another level at MSHS.... Just remember, the big pill for gas, little pill for spray!
  7. Like others I have a N2O/pill mix up story....I was only lucky I didn't break something. Even thou I KNEW I had to put the big pill hear and the little pill there, in heat of getting ready I swapped them on a baby 150 shot. Give me 16 chances on a DP system and I would buy the farm a few times...I took the N2O off and put in a box. Some ignore managing the pills, bottle level/pressure/heat, control boxes, plugs readings and buy engine parts. Some with years of experience even have engine failures. I see 3 the or 4 guys a year oil down the track a spread parts everywhere on N2O. I guess this is part of the fun.....? There are so many ways to make that ET.
  8. X3 on the NA FTW. No belts or blow offs, No Bottles to fill and heat, pills to keep up with. Just show up and go.... IMHO NA show cases the engine builder/heads/intake manifolds and other parts. In Alabama, its bow tie or big blue. I'm the loan Mopar guy at most of the races. People come by the pits looking at my car for FI or spray. They don't get it how much power our Gen III's can make. Oh yeah and the Stangs HATE the ol guy with the NA 4-door.
  9. See Post . I added a spreadsheet I made not to be published... I'm do better if when I graph the numbers. Our builder gave us the dyno numbers in a table format....
  10. Thanks, me toooo! 12 days and a lot of work to do. It's possible.... Thanks bud. The suspense is killing me! I've got get wrenching... At this point we are excited with the quick response, low/no blow by and engine dyno numbers. This could be a good thing for our community.....BUT we have to get the car to the track.... I guess anything is possible....... Thanks for noticing, fixed... YES CF6! Jon, I'm a bit confused. I have always had the greatest respect for you and your Dad's cars and racing abilities. This is about having fun. If there is something from our past we need clear up, call me. I'll PM you my cell number.
  11. 2014 was an exciting and successful year with the 7L NA build. On our first outing at CF5 it ran a 10.6 and Mike Doban prediction of a 9 second pass came to be but it wasn’t without its struggles. In the process of overcoming obstacles we learned a tremendous amount about the potential of the Gen III Hemi engines and what makes them go fast. This involved countless hours of researching and testing the impact of various bolt on parts. On the tuning side Mike pushed the limits of modifying the factory PCM through CMR tuning to make a highly modified 4 door Charger be somewhat streetable as well as capable of making a 9 second pass without the aid of any power adders. Not be able to sit on my hands and with Mike’s gentle persuasiveness we decided to push the envelope even more for the 2015 season. I need to back up a bit in the story…. As you may know Mike operates a chassis dyno business and tunes a significant number of cars equipped with almost every imaginable combination of engine modifications. He specializes in tuning the Gen III Hemi’s and has spent the last several years supporting my addiction. Recently Mike had a customer car delivered from out of state with a fresh engine. The car was equipped with a 426ci Gen III Hemi and a D1 Procharger. The customer asked Mike how much power he thought the car would make. Mike told him that he had tuned many cars with this identical combo and it would make between x and y wheel horsepower. Here’s where it gets interesting. Having tuned so many of these cars Mike knew almost instantly when making his first pull that something was different about this engine just by the sound. To make a long story short, the engine made 60 more wheel horsepower than any other identical combo Mike had tuned. On top of that Mike still had the knock sensors set at almost the factory settings, which indicates the engine ran unusually quiet for this type of build. Even more surprising to Mike was that the catch can, when inspected after several dyno pulls was bone dry, not even an oil mist. Mike inquired of the owner about who built the engine and what components were used. The owner of the car arranged for Mike to contact the engine builder and a relationship was established. Not only is the engine builder an 11 time NHRA champion he also builds some of the quickest Drag Pack engines out there. So you see where this is going In short order my engine was out of my car and on its way to this engine builder. When I dropped off my engine I was impressed by how pristine the shop was and the number of high end automated machine tools. There was even a fresh built, gorgeous, aluminum 425 Gen III Hemi waiting for a dyno run and then on to a Drag Pak customer. The first order of business was to get a baseline pull of my current build on the new builder’s engine dyno. The baseline pull netted a peak HP of 672 at 6800rpm – almost exactly where the engine HP calculators showed it should be with my times/MPH at the track with the fuel being used. Then we let the builder work his magic. In the matter of only a few days (and this with him going to his season opener race in Pomona over the weekend) he had the engine apart, cleaned, machine work completed and reassembled. Modifications included a new hone, a modified ring pack, minor modifications to the existing pistons, some oiling system changes and a new cam better suited for the combo. How he turned this around so quickly amazed us. We were caught off guard when he sent us a video of my engine back together and on the dyno only a few days after the initial pulls. We were even more amazed when we saw the power gains. The track will tell the true story but we can say this – Mike and I have already commissioned this builder to design and assemble additional engines for several customers and will be keeping you posted on the progress and results. Mike’s only complaint is that this guy is too fast and he has trouble staying ahead of him in getting the engine details needed to complete the engines Now to see what the new gains will net at the track. Just before going back into the Charger. Here are the before and after engine dyno numbers using C14 fuel and the same AFR and timing. Notice there are some tuning opportunities for Mike!!
  12. I'm on my second set of ARH headers. They are just like "Nova" says. Great quality and excellent design. Without FI to help push the exhaust through, us NA guys possibly worry more about pressure drop through the exhaust. Back in my 5.7 days, when we twisted it up to +7000 RPM. I installed a 3" Pypes catless cat back. My 60' never suffered with the 3" exhaust. It had a nice deep rumble at idle. My wife could hear me if I went WOT 5 blocks from the house! With the 7.1L I dropped the Pypes mufflers for bullet mufflers and turn downs at the diff. At this point it was a track car. The bullets will set off car alarms in the neighborhood! It's great at the track but a liability with the neighbors........ If you are picking the diameter to optimize, here is a link that might be helpful. http://www.mk5cortinaestate.co.uk/calculator5.php
  13. WOW, that is incredible Rob! Congratulations and I'm looking forward what 2015 brings ya!!
  14. I saw Speedy on the slip. That's a hoot!
  15. Great write up, makes me want to run up to Bowling Green and meet you guys next time. FWIW, I have been struggling with idle issues and finally changed out my Arrington 90mm with a reconditioned unit. Right away Mike could tune the idle.