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  1. Older units could be, Not sure if this will be an option but I will make sure that it is discussed.
  2. There are many areas that I have addressed in this new design. The largest is the part throttle Driveability. The transition between N/A v/s boost has been dramatically improved due to the change in the power curve which was the biggest intended goal in mind at the point of the design. We have run several of these units on the engine Dyno to tune out smaller gains with keeping manufacturing in mind. There have been several units being ran on the chassis Dyno and we are getting the same kinds of improvements. As mentioned before the largest gain over power is the Driveablity of this unit. The internal charge cooler is slightly larger but due to the constraints of maintaining hood clearance and the belt drive position this doesn't give much room to adjust. The new design has less than .7 of a lb. of loss between the discharge of the head unit and the runner flange. There is a much larger torque gain in addition to peak power gains on the top end with the new configuration.
  3. I am only guessing as to who you are referring to. If we are talking about the same individual he is not in sales. PM me who you are referencing. Regards, JoeH
  4. Irrelevant of your opinions the content of your post are extremely unprofessional. I have read through this entire thread and have allot of thoughts of disgust with how several individuals represent themselves with how they comment with regards to different topics. The nature of these comments will only down grade ones professionalism and credibility. Mani, this is not an attack on you directly but for everyone that comments in the same way you have in this thread. There is clearly allot of misunderstanding within this thread. Eric did a good job to explain the situation and I see nothing more than comments from some individuals that either didn't read the entire thread or don't care what is said, they are of there own opinion about API or who ever and clearly want their opinion to be relayed based on no facts or misunderstood facts. Regards, JoeH