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  1. Installation and dyno tuning runs about $1540 when installed here.
  2. We have one that fits your car, runs $7,450 for the full kit. http://www.shophemi.com/p-2560-2013-57l-hemi-hi-power-8lb-supercharger-kit-by-arrington-performance.aspx
  3. If i'm not mistaken it was our Forced Induction cam.
  4. Goehner, do a 426 and lets turn the boost up on that Procharger!!!
  5. Hey guys, we are running a sale on some various items. Bolt On Parts must be paid in full and engines (long/short blocks) need to have a deposit down by this Thursday the 27th at 6:00pm EST. _____________________________________________ Forged 5.7 Retail $4099 Sale $3499 Core $850.00 Forged 6.1, and 6.4 Short Blocks Retail $4099 Sale $3199 6.1L Cores must be provided 6.4L Cores $1250.00 5.7 Based 392-410 Retail $4599 Sale $3899 Core Charge $850 6.1L Based 392-426 using customer provided core only Retail $4599 Sale $3899 6.1L Based 440 using customer provided core only Retail $4899 Sale $4199 6.4L Based 426 Retail $4599 Sale $3899 Core Charge $850 6.4L based 440 Retail $4899 Sale $4199 Core Charge $850 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L CNC Heads Retail $2099 Sale $1599 Core Charge 5.7L 1000.00 Core Charge 6.1L 2000.00 Core Charge 6.4L 1800.00 Throttle Bodies Retail $439.00 Sale $369.00 Arrington CAI for 2011-up 392 Or Arrington S/C Kit Retail $499.00 Sale $399 Arrington STB-F Retail $399 Sale $349 Arrington STB-R Retail $369 Sale $319
  6. Scott, afaik this system does still utilize the independent belt. I'll double check.
  7. Mush, from what we can tell. The compound got into the bearings that the shaft is riding on. Thats whats causing the fluctuation at certain rpm/pedal position. The computer is trying to put the blade in a certain spot and with the bearings not being completely smooth or clean. The blade will hunt back and forth trying to get exactly what the computer is commanding. If that makes sense. I don't know what happened during or after polishing but there is a good bit of compound built up on the back side of the wires in the tb. It looks like it was cleaned or washed out with brake clean or something. That being said the compound is also hindering repair by stopping us from getting a pin out that holds the shaft in, which Is on top of all the other electronics inside the tb. Like I said earlier. We are doing everything we can to take care of Brian and will be getting him a new one out next week. Justin
  8. So since you brought this up. How would you propose to get a pin out that's pressed into a blind hole with no way to push the pin out from the other side or grab it from the top? The pin is a mother fucker to remove with zero compound around it, a "Small" amount of polishing compound is an understatement. In an effort to not have the car down for more time than needed, we offered to let the customer use another throttle body while we fixed his. It wasn't going to cost a dime but may have taken some time to get the pin out so the shaft and the rest of the electronics could be removed and cleaned. Now once we decided the pin isn't coming out without damaging the throttle body beyond repair. I offered to send the customer a new casting with nothing in it for him to have polished again. Then once it's polished, send it back into us to clean, assemble, test, and ship back to him. The cost for that.. a whopping $75. Now since you have been part of this ordeal since the beginning, do you think any manufacturer would warranty any part of an electronic item when a cover that is clued and screwed on is removed and sanded/polished with the cover removed? I don't know of any, but we were going to do that and only asked for money for the new casting. We have arranged to build a new throttle body and ship next week so the issue is getting resolved.
  9. Brian, check your PM.
  10. Brian, we are trying to save the throttle body the best we can. I'd hate to damage it and the polished finish even though I know you said to do whatever we had to do, I'd say that is a last resort. Offer still stands on getting you a replacement for now until we can get this thing back to working order. Working on this today, I'll give you a buzz later when Joe gets back in for an update on what's going on with it.
  11. When was this? On the way home Sunday?
  12. HAHAHAHAHHA the jalapeno ones were the best!!!