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  1. Is the range still a go?
  2. What time is the range trip? Is it still 3pm?
  3. I'm in. I got a few new guns I want to shot. 44 mag raging bull The Judge Sig 40 cal 30/30 Winchester And various other 9mm's and 40 cals.
  4. I paid for 2 Spectator bands. PayPal info is Snm6clv
  5. Dang I just seen all the rooms were sold out under the group buy. That's suck. CF is my only real vacation I take a year. Snooze you lose I guess.
  6. So are we doing it at 2 or 3 today? I'm here now and I don't see anybody yet? Never mind I found them.
  7. ordered 1 3xl with screen name and 1 large without. But forgot to pre pay for the event. Crap
  8. Congrats Erik.
  9. That's a great Pic of my car. Thanks for posting it.
  10. I got it all worked out. I'll be there Thursday around noon or so.. I'll See you all then. Come on April 9th.
  11. I'm trying to reserve a room and the group code isn't working and the person at the hotel I'm suppose to talk to, who they said would be there by 3pm, isn't there. Damn it
  12. 1 for me. Thanks
  13. I'm in. I'll bring various 9mm's, 40 cal's, 380's and my Taurus 44 mag that I just bought recently. Hopefully I'll be able to make it in Thursday night.
  14. How much was that front plate for the Kenne Bell? It looks anodized black. Is it anodized or powdercoated Black? I have the Polished 2.8lc and I hate polishing shit. I would like to get a new front plate in black and either powdercoat the intake tube or maybe even get the carbon fiber one from legmaker.
  15. I forget what year yours was. Is it an 08 too? Have you done anything to it yet? I want to do exhaust first because it's way to quiet for me. I'm thinking about the Solo WK3 cat back. Does anybody run that on their jeep here or know anybody that does? It looks like it would be a nice system. It has no resonators and already has the J pipes right before the tips and the muffler has the X pipe built in to it. After that i want to lower it with some coil overs. Anybody have any suggesting on which ones are the best ones to go with?