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  1. I wanna see the security video too.
  2. I need to know now if it’s the Flux Capacitor. I have an EB 2 (early Mr. Fusion model). I don’t need a catastrophic failure.
  3. Well, that sucks.
  4. Same PayPal address as last time?
  5. After 31 days in the shop, I have my Challenger back home. Apparently FCA/Mopar didn’t even have a part supplier for my power steering rack.
  6. Love it.
  7. We should beat the shit out of the guy that though this was a good idea.
  8. UPDATE: Jim Burke CDJR has decided that the entire power steering rack must be replaced. ...and there’s not one available in the world. The soonest my parts will be in is July 8, 2019 because FCA is having a different part supplier build the part. I called FCA and I think I was talking to a third grader. He’s supposed to call me back tomorrow.
  9. I dropped my Hellcat my servicing stealership this morning for a slow leak on the power steering rack. They said that the parts are on backorder with no ETA on when the parts will be in. Normally this would severely bum me out, but I’m leaving for Arizona in the morning and will be gone a week. They have a black key and valet mode.
  10. Someone else’s job.
  11. But it would have been fucking awesome if I could have pulled it off.
  12. ...and I was sober?
  13. I’m still waiting on my three awards: Fastest Radio Controlled Hellcat Best Radio Controlled Hellcat Longest Radio Controlled Hellcat Jump Over A Speedbump