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  1. It went before I took delivery. The only reason I’m leaving the yellow corner protectors on is to get under my friend Michele’s skin. It grates on her nerves worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.
  2. I was debating modding the 2012 Challenger R/T or upgrading to a 392 T/A or possibly a Hellcat a few months ago. Well, I made up my mind. I bought this yesterday. I had to go to Sparta, TN to get the color I wanted. But it was a nice drive.
  3. Saved the brand. Gave us speed. Godspeed Sir.
  4. Dang.
  5. And she’s also a gold digging whore.
  6. Syn(dee) and she’s been plotting my death since I got her.
  7. I have the Toyo Open Country AT on my 2017 Ford F-250. They are black and round. They hold air. The closest I’ve come to really go off-roading was pulling a utility trailer into the back yard. Ive gotten 45,000 miles so far. Looks like I could get 60-65,000 with no problem.
  8. I used your channel yesterday to rip apart my console. Thanks.
  9. Nice
  10. Awesome
  11. Only if you’ll subscribe to mine.
  12. Argument with Mrs. MikeDCop over spending $12,000.
  13. Thanks guys.
  14. It was. FCA had to come out with a “fix” for it. When the fix was installed on my Ram 1500, they had to replace the infotainment system.
  15. I’ve made it to the point that if I want to go faster, it’s where it’s going to start costing a lot more money. Should I supercharge my 2012 R/T 5.7L or upgrade to a new T/A 6.4L? The Hellcat is out of the question because of insurance. If I supercharge it, which brand should I look at? Injected Engineering in Kennesaw, Ga recommended a centrifugal ProCharger at $11,000 installed. Thoughts?