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  1. Good job Speedy!
  2. Shipping plan for the trucks.
  3. I’d watch eBay.
  4. I’ve been thinking about a new intake. But I’ve already proven that I’m not mature enough to handle the 707hp I’ve already got. I don’t need anymore horsepower.
  5. That had to be the BEST reason I’ve ever heard for having a radar detector. It sounded really good on video.
  6. I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed from Lufkin, TX. This is a bank robber that is running from the police. It did not end well
  7. Safe safe.
  8. So...you can tell your friends. We won’t tell anyone. How much?
  9. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Launch Edition So far I love the fuck out of this thing
  10. I have ProClip in my Challenger and had one in my F250. ...but I traded the F250. The Jeep Gladiator bracket will be here Saturday.
  11. Health is more important. But remember, they can do miracles on the back now. I’m not in a wheelchair.
  12. I wanna see the security video too.
  13. I need to know now if it’s the Flux Capacitor. I have an EB 2 (early Mr. Fusion model). I don’t need a catastrophic failure.