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  1. Why is this a recurring theme of today? I'm planning on putting a set of hood struts on my Wife's Mustake, er...Mustang either this evening or first thing in the morning. A friend of our's Fiat 500 has worn out a set of them on her trunk. Now yours are worn out.
  2. They could build this and id probably have to have it.
  3. Tofu and lemon grass. JUST KIDDING! Bring what you want to bring. Then we have two choices, take it or leave it.
  4. I drive mine once a week to the car club. I beat the shit out of it once a year at ChallengerFest. On-ramps are for 0-60 runs. The longest mine has been in the shop is the 30 minutes to get serviced.
  5. Dang sorry dude. Glad everyone is going to be ok.
  6. They will sent it to you on snail mail. It looks better framed.
  7. Welcome to the the single digit club. Get them to send you a letter on FCA letterhead. Right now it isn't worth as much, but in the future you're going to want that documentation. Mine is 1 of 5.
  8. If you haven't looked yet, a forum that most of us are banished from IS among those hacked. I wonder if I can sue them for not protecting my personal information.
  9. You're doing a great job.
  10. Happy Birthday!!!!
  11. You not gonna die no more.
  12. YOU GONNA DIE!!!!!!!
  13. Now I'm going to have to generate a third account on CT so I can get banished again. Once for mentioning ChallengerFest and once for challenging a moderator.
  15. Does that include if my uncle's cousin's daddy's son works on it?
  16. Deb and I will be there again!!!!
  17. About to meet my crew at Waffle House and then on our way
  18. Yup, we know he's coming. That's why I'm bringing back-up.
  19. I'm getting excited!!!!!!
  20. The Kia ran the light.
  21. I understood him and took no offense. Even if he was calling me a pig, I've been called A LOT worse.its all good.
  22. This is why I need to win the lottery. It would be raced and it would be raced at ChallengerFest.
  23. I've been saving all year.
  24. Y'all better bring some deep pockets if you want that hat. I'm busting open the piggy bank.
  25. I'm going to ask the stupid question. ...and I'm not trying to make you look dumb or anything. After you pulled the fuse, what did you do with it? The origional post didn't say anything about reinstalling it after a few minutes before cranking the engine. I pulled the fuse before I raced a couple of years ago and then I forgot to put it back in before cranking. I had to shut the engine off, re-insert the fuze and then crank it up to get it to run right.