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  1. About to meet my crew at Waffle House and then on our way
  2. Yup, we know he's coming. That's why I'm bringing back-up.
  3. I'm getting excited!!!!!!
  4. The Kia ran the light.
  5. I understood him and took no offense. Even if he was calling me a pig, I've been called A LOT worse.its all good.
  6. This is why I need to win the lottery. It would be raced and it would be raced at ChallengerFest.
  7. I've been saving all year.
  8. Y'all better bring some deep pockets if you want that hat. I'm busting open the piggy bank.
  9. I'm going to ask the stupid question. ...and I'm not trying to make you look dumb or anything. After you pulled the fuse, what did you do with it? The origional post didn't say anything about reinstalling it after a few minutes before cranking the engine. I pulled the fuse before I raced a couple of years ago and then I forgot to put it back in before cranking. I had to shut the engine off, re-insert the fuze and then crank it up to get it to run right.
  10. Add me to the list. 3xl for me and a *** (size hidden) for The Lovely Deborah. You should have it on your PayPal.
  11. Ok, now it's official. The Lovely Deborah (TLD) and I will be attending. Speedy I just sent the PayPal.
  12. Pics or doesn't exist
  13. Just remember folks, the EPA are the same government agency that made it illegal for you to buy a toilet that uses more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. They are the same idiots who have outlawed normal light bulbs in favor of bulbs that contain mercury (which requires a HAZ-MAT cleanup team if you bust one. I'm not advocating an armed revolt. I like the ballot box. Our founding fathers would be ashamed of what we've let our government become. Remember, they revolted over a tax on tea, and it wasn't iced or sweet. RE-ELECT NOBODY! DONT ELECT ANYONE THAT WANTS TO ABUSE THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!
  14. Ok, where are you and how much? Do you install? Make it worth me driving from Birmingham.
  15. That has been my whole argument. If we went, how come we didn't keep going? When have we ever went somewhere as a society that we didn't keep going? Why can't they build a rocket just like the one they used and fo it today? I was at home sick from school.
  16. Just take today off.
  17. I didn't go back and look at all 15 pages, but...did you take in account that 2016 is a Leap Year? One extra day. Hope I didn't throw your count off.
  18. Ouch, I don't think that will buff out. Glad you're ok.
  19. Oh there are TONS of companies that ship vehicles from over here to over there. There was one in Birmingham that recently had its assets seized by the Feds for funding terrorist. ...guess what? They're still in business.
  20. I could see him not getting to 88 MPH if he was in a Camaro, but come on. He was in a Challenger for Christ's Sake!!! http://13wham.com/news/offbeat/florida-driver-plows-into-businesses-while-trying-to-time-travel
  21. I'm as rare at signing in as Jpw2133. But I happy to see that ChallengerFest is a go. ....and it's not on the same weekend as IndyCar at Barber. See y'all in April.
  22. I bet NHRA makes good on their threat now. They kinda gotta.
  23. I have the same hood and ducting. If you are looking to reduce heat at the engine, please don't add a heat shield. If you don't mind the looks, get rid of the engine cover too. As far as noise reduction, can't help you there. I just made the rear end and the stereo louder.
  24. Add my .357 to the list. ...oh, and The Lovely Deborah said Jerry had better not laugh at her.