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  1. He can go with us. We know where a decent full service car wash is.
  2. Mentally, I’m already at Double Dogs having a cold beer waiting on everyone to get up there...including myself.
  3. Get a really good lawyer that’s an asshole. You’ll be glad you did.
  4. May God bless and keep this soldier, as well as the other soldiers guarding the tombs of the Unknown. Also grant eternal rest for the Unknown Soldiers
  5. I believe I may have talked Jpw2133 into coming to ChallengerFest this year.
  6. After a mild fight between Facebook and my iPad, I’m registered!
  7. So this video is one year into the future since you keep saying looking back at 2019.
  8. Glad you’re ok. Next time go down to where the day laborers hang out looking for work.
  9. I think they’re warm now.
  10. Do we have a code yet for the hotel?
  11. It’s beautiful
  12. Hot Rod Magazine has announced the dates and cities for the 2019 Hot Rod Power Tour. We did the full tour last year and had a blast. We’re going to do it again. Come join us https://www.hotrod.com/articles/hot-rod-power-tour-2019-dates-locations-june-8th-14th/
  13. They filed Chapter 11, which is debt reorganization. They are not shutting the doors yet. IF they cancel the class, I cancel the flight and I sue Dodge since a “SRT Track Experience” is on the window sticker of the expensive car I bought.
  14. That’s going to put me at CF10 in Bowling Green, KY May 3-5 and Bondurant in Chandler, AZ May 23-25.
  15. I hope his next pick is female. Just to watch the liberals heads spin.
  16. Her plan to save hundreds on her insurance was to just leave the scene. I hope the recording guy showed his video to police.
  17. Looks good and you almost have me convinced to do mine. I can’t wait to see it in person. I want to do mine, but I’m still on the fence.
  18. I kinda need the date so I can schedule my “free” (not counting airfare, hotel & provisions) Bondurant class.
  19. There better be one. I need to run the new Cat.
  20. Holy SHIT!
  21. My wife will let me have a 200 mph supercar. But she has said absolutely not to a drone. She knows I’ll fly it into a 747 or something.
  22. I had a PPF clear coating on the front bumper cover only. Then I had the rest of the car ceramic coated. 2549D181-1D1D-4BD0-AE97-94A7440620BD.MP4
  23. Do we need to set up a gofundme for him some cold beer?