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  1. I wonder if some of the old bad height units are still on vendors shelves and being sold ?
  2. The part # for our RXT clutch is the exact part that they send out for the Mustang . How can that be ? I guess one size fits all .
  3. Go with catless mids at least for track days . Let that air get out .
  4. Just try installing the upgraded clutch packs for now .
  5. Chris what happened to your bell housing ?
  6. If one were to start using the synthetic to soon , is it to late to go back to the conventional oil ?
  7. What is wrong with the Mcleod clutch?
  8. Kenny i received the 90mm tb . Its on the car and working great . Thank you again . TTT
  9. Payment sent for 90mm TB . Thankyou Kenny . Bump TTT.
  10. I would get the largest one from Pettys and modify it if need be . I do not like the idea of the other units being bolted to the trans . Talk about ripping up your trans if there is a failure !!
  11. Anyone running 17x10 or 18x10 Mustang wheels ? If so what is the exact brand and back spacing and or offset ? And also what size tire? This is for a Srt8 Brembo car . Thank you again.
  12. I also read that thread over there and was thinking to ask what everyone here thought ? I have a new DSS drive shaft coming so maybe i will pop that valve out when doing the drive shaft upgrade .
  13. Chris i might have put 5k on that system and started hearing about problems so a decided to take a look and that is when i found what you see here . I now have the single comp pump but i used the heavy wiring harness that came with the first pump . Chris i would use the side saddle wiring harness if i were you , it gets the power from the battery has a 30amp fuse and uses the extra relay .
  14. Alan yes they also worked with me on the new style pump . They were very good about it . In the pics that is not just discoloring the plastic was all melted on the hat and both plugs that go into it on the top and bottom . I just thought i would share so people could check theirs and avoid a problem .
  15. If you are still running this fuel pump ,pop your back seat and take a look . Unplug the top hat plug and take a look. But be warned mine was melted in place and had to use channel locks to break it free , and then gas will start to seep from the top hat where the plug goes . This setup draws to many amps for the stock wiring and top hat , and can result in a fire .