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  1. Ok so it looks like i made a harness, consisting of two wires. (one red- one black). Each wire has a pigtail going to the appropriate coil pack The red wire is pig tailed into the brown yellow,and the black into the wire going away from the pack. So we are using the box to interrupt the signal to the coils. Keep in mind you might get a check engine light because of this, but it can reset with your handheld. i hope this helps.
  2. i will check mine out in the morning and see if i can get a picture of the wiring for you.
  3. You need to cut the brown/yellow wire going into each pack and splice the black wire going into the pack and the red wire going away from the coil. Splice the Yellow wire from the WOT box into any injector control wire (the NON-Common wire). I used injector #3 (Brown/Light Blue) wire. Do not cut the wire, just tap into it. This is a very time consuming process but if you take your time and solder, heat-shrink and electrically tape everything, It'll look pretty much stock. I've used wire loom to add additional insulation and to make it look cleaner. You may also want to consider making a harness to attach to the existing wires.
  4. Cooler air is good for everything! Tire pressure is going to depend on track prep.
  5. Whats it run? Im not sure what part of NY your from but i recommend true street performance on Long Island.
  6. Import vs domestic. Anyone going?
  7. Congrats!
  8. i might be there depends on the weather.
  9. Highly recommended!
  10. Any heavily modified vehicles had this done yet? Im concerned with the dealer prodding the pcm.
  11. Palm the ball and ease the stick! Its like soft porn. Great write up!
  12. speedy you gave up on the interceptor?
  13. What wheels are on this vehicle now?
  14. I am going to send this to a friend who is in the market.
  15. thanks! i will call hhp today.