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  1. Didn't make your list but missed seeing CF regulars that attend. Made it to CF2, CF3 & CF5. Sat with you at banquet for CF5. Unfortunately wasn't able to make CF6. Hoping to make CF7. Haven't been on this forum much over the last year. Plan on rectifying that also.
  2. Will be there. Live about 40 min away. Like LF says REALLY hot sometimes. Sorry but don't know crap about motels in area.
  3. Unfortunately I don't see a S/C anytime soon in the future so I'll have to be content with the slug as it is with a few bolt-ons here and there.
  4. No, car is stock except for cat back SOLO previously installed. I got these instead of the cat back exhaust prize I won at CF5 for best reaction time. They did not cost me anything but time to install. I figured I had nothing to lose. I Guess if I have issues with them don the road I'll try to gut them and go from there. Thanks ALL for the feedback. I'll keep it in mind if I should run into issues down the road.
  5. Installed SOLO Hi-Flo cats & mid pipes today on 2010 R/T six speed. Install went very smooth and exactly as written in instructions provided by SOLO. I had installed a SOLO cat back a couple of years ago. Car is a bit louder as described. It has more of a rumble and a more "throaty" sound especially at low to mid rpm levels. I attached a pic of the factory cats & SOLO cats. Curious to see if what if any performance is gained. Not expecting any miracles though especially given "stock" configuration. Will probably be hard to tell anyways since they weren't swapped at track where a direct comparison could be more accurately done.
  6. Never get past needing a new engine in a car <2yrs old with the wife. She knows enough to ask a lot of questions regarding "modifications" etc. Good luck with project, sounds sweet. as was stated previously, there's a KEEPER
  7. That's some cool shit! Pic would have been great. Hope you get bugs worked out soon. With kid just to be clear.......
  8. I believe he's refering to Keep It Simple Stupid.
  9. Billet Technology - Thanks for the great support you've provided with sponsorship of multiple prizes at multiple Challengerfest events! I was lucky enough to come away with one of your prizes at CF5. I will be putting that to good use very soon. Your support and participation at the CF events is very much appreciated by those that attend the event. Sincerely John Eisz
  10. Thanks to SPEEDY & support crew(Kevin, William, LIsa, etc. etc. etc) for organizing and putting on such a great event. CF5 was our 3rd and best yet. Was fortunate enough to come away with some hardware this year. Guess that's what happens with more participation. Still need to work on driver execution during eliminations. Thanks to sponsors as well for once again stepping up. Prizes for this event are outstanding. Looking fwd to CF6! John
  11. Speedy - just paid for 3. 1 SM, 1 LG, 1 XL FURY S RT
  12. Thanks for posting Rick. Hadn't seen this link/site before.