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  1. Is this the correct part number if anyone knows? 5038277AC
  2. Please post a part number and message me with pics and price if you have one. Thanks!
  3. Price?
  4. Damn! So I'm looking for these axles. I was told to get ones from a 6 speed. So are you saying the getrag axles are the same for auto and manual trans?
  5. So I'm taking it, those axles went with the auto? Not a manual trans?
  6. Yes! I plan on being there one day at least.
  7. Richmond, Va.
  8. High tens. 11:92 now, but just got done with lots of upgrades.
  9. http://richmonddjs.com/brentdyno.mov
  10. Tidalwave 3x Supercharger Kit Snow stage 3 meth injection VX 4554 muffler with high flow resonators and H Pipe NX MAINSTREAM 2000 nitrous system 71mm TB EDGE Racing 3500 stall 364 rear Inertia Motorsports big valve heads and 1.2 cams Wiseco factory replica forged pistons with gapless rings polished factory crank and balanced short block ported lower intake blue top solenoids tuned by Brent Hughes at DTPRACING.net I think that's it.
  11. And then I hit nitrous too early http://richmonddjs.com/andthen.MOV
  12. I know! It's all good!!
  13. Jeff, I assure you. If I hadn't broke the rear, you would be the slow one. I will be back at track soon.
  14. Yes. I didnt want to mention. I've been banned on forums for doing so if they aren't a "vendor"