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Found 2 results

  1. I have a 90mm throttle body that came from Arrington years ago (5-6yrs) and it's now causing my dash to light up and throwing codes galore. Most of the codes don't seem to have a whole lot of info with them other than it doesn't appear the TB is communicating with the PCM. Admittedly, I haven't kept up with this stuff as much over the past couple of years but it appears even Arrington has changed up their throttle body lineup. Doesn't surprise me because even mine had issues brand new out of the box and went back for repairs. The codes I'm getting: P2135 - Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch P0221 - Throttle/Pedal Position Switch B Circuit P0222 - Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor B Circuit P0121 - Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor A Circuit The cluster lights I have are the lightning bolt for Electronic Throttle Control and the general check engine light. Is this something I troubleshoot? By troubleshoot, I likely mean have a local shop take a look for better diagnostic than I'm able to do. Do I call Arrington to see if I can send it back and have it "refurbished"? Lord knows how long that may take if possible. Do I buy a new one for $500, slap it on, and hope it ales all my problems?
  2. Billet Technology | PickleFork Skunkwerks Joint Build: The BadWagon Gets Blown Alright, it's time to let the cat out of the bag. Many of you know bits and pieces of what I'm up to, but most of ya don't. I'll give you a little background, and then the details of my planned build, timeline and all of those who've helped me along the way. My current build as been a let down to say the least. So rewind to 2011 and I took my stock bottom end 5.7 to 11.86 in the quarter. It was a reliable, consistent combo at the track, and drove like a dream on the street getting great MPGs. I loved that build, and in hindsight I know I could have shaved a few more tenths off of that setup. But I didn't, and when we had the twins, I took a year off from racing. During that year I saved up, bought parts, and put together a plan for a 6.1 build which I thought would put me in contention for the super stock class when I returned. We dropped that motor in January 2012, and thought we had a winner.... Well, the forged 6.1 just never performed the way we thought it would. I've spent the last 2+ years tweaking, datalogging, swapping cams, injectors and even having the heads reworked to have a PB of 11.63 which I've never been able to backup after that day at the track. The car in it's current NA setup is a cconsistent11.75-12.00 car depending on DA... which is a disappointment as my 5.7 would run 11.9x in the summer heat and drop down a tenth or more in lower DA. I never ran it that set up in "great DA", and I think it would have run close to 11.6 if I had... So the butthurt set in, and I withdrew from the forums, and hit the track less and less. But, my friendships forged online and at the MSHS events always drew me to the races. Loosing to Guy event after event last year started a fire burning to catch his race car in my street car, though that was gonna be almost impossible NA. Meh, that's racing, I enjoyed the banter and camaraderie between Guy and I that year. Heidi (Billet Technology, whom I work for) decided to sponsor the modified class in the MSHS this year, and she, Nick Billet and I traveled to the Brandenton event in February. Nick was entered as a driver in Heidi's Magnum. They didn't really know what to expect, and by the end of the day, both Heidi and Nick had been bitten hard by the race bug. The people, the cars, and the adrenaline of racing had taken hold of them both in a way I could have never imagined. Over the next couple of weeks following the Bradenton Event, Heidi and I discussed my car; the disappointment and struggles over the past few years with my 6.1 NA build, my longterm goals and what it would take to get there. Heidi offered for BT to sponsor my car. As I travel to quite a few events each year for Billet Technology, and their sponsorship of the Modified Class it made sense from a marketing perspective, and we decided to partner up on a new build on the BadWagon. Our first plan was a NA Stroker build. I put the numbers together and estimated I'd be somewhere in the very low 11s/mid to high 10s. The thought of being in the 11s again, even if it was low 11s, just drained my enthusiasm. I simply wanted more. So I went back to the drawing board, now with a budget in mind, and new goal... low to mid 10s, full weight. I wanted run the car in BT's Modified 10.5 ET class, using weight to dial the car in for the target ET on race days. I've watched the Dalton Boys make the most out of this system for years now. So, how was I going to get the car there? Well a power adder of course. I spent a ton of time talking with Harrison, Sam, Karl, the Rob's (SRT and TV), Cam, Erik, Scott, Speedy, Builder Bill and Mike Doban. I can't thank these guys enough for all of the information, time and knowledge they shared with me. I've learned soooo much (and I'm still learning). First I reached out to Harrison at Stage6, he's been hounding me for YEARS about running turbos in the wagon. Harrison and I spent a good deal of time discussing different setups, the power levels, details, etc... Turbos were gonna be a big stretch to fit within my budget, and the lower tube was gonna be an issue with my driveway, so Harrison and I both agreed that a snails weren't gonna be the solution this time around. I knew I didn't want to go to a full on N20 setup. I'm not Dan, and I can't blow up engines learning how to run the giggle gas. So that left Superchargers. I knew I didn't want a procharger setup, as I've helped quite a few people swap belts on those, and just didn't want to deal with the hassle. Which left me with the option of a PD blower. The Maggie blowers are consistent, make good power, but don't have the growing room I was looking for. The KBs run hot, but they make power, and I know a lot of people personally who've had great success with KBs. (Jack, Karl, Mel8, etc) After attending the Texas mile that spring (which is where the blower idea really got stuck in my head) I did quite a bit of research, and decided a Kenne Bell supercharger was the direction I wanted to go. My plan is to utilize a blower larger than a 2.8, spin it slower, helping to keep the temps down, and still making the same power. Hemi~C put his 4.2 up for sale and it sure was tempting. Chris (Hemi~C) and I exchanged a bunch of PMs regarding his 4.2. I almost pulled the trigger on that set up, but honestly I was scared of that beast! The mods involved to fit it in the engine bay/under the hood plus the unknowns as far as making it streetable... I just felt it was too much to bite off for my first blower build. Chris I appreciate the time you took to educate me on the 4.2. Thank you bud, I owe ya many beers when you get stateside! So I started looking for a 3.6, hell I even tried to find someone who had a 3.6 and would trade head units for a 4.2... and that quest lead me to John Lewis and the 3.6 he had bought from Rubel which was sitting in Cam's shop. After going back and forth, running the numbers, Heidi and I decided that a 3.6 KB on top of a refreshed motor with the compression lowered was the path we'd take. I snatched up the KB from John, Cam got it ready and shipped it east, while John shipped the supporting parts he had to me. Fast forward to today, and the build has grown quite a bit (don't they always?), but I think we have put together a combination which will be streetable, granted not in bad weather, but streetable, with more than enough room to grow. As far as vendors and parts, I have so many good friends in the industry who've helped me time and time again, so I've played to the strengths of the individual vendors and what I think they do best. So on to the specs: Supercharger: 3.6L Liquid Cooled Kenne Bell Once the center piece of Rubel's Insane Challenger build, now in my hands, it will be the jewel in my engine bay. I'll be running the 148mm Mammoth throttle body, for now I have a 4" and 3 1/8" 8 rib pulleys. I may pick up a 3.5" pulley just to have a middle ground for power. Shortblock: Arrington 6.1 based 392 | 9.5:1 CR I feel that API builds some of the finest Gen III shortblocks out there. We've seen them get beat on for years, handle the power thrown at them and come back for more. Eric Hruza and Don have been invaluable in this process, and extremely patient with me as I changed specs, displacement and compression. We found a combination which meets my needs, budget and timeline. I know that I drove Don crazy asking for different quotes/estimates and he's been on point and quick to get them put together and sent over for me to review, tweak, etc. Heads: Thitek 76cc Heads w/ dual springs and custom ports and chambers Craig had originally built heads for my NA motor with 70cc heads to raise the compression and get more out of the forged API 6.1 I'm currently running. When we decided to go to the KB build, Craig recommended I send the heads back and have hime rework them for the new build. The cost outweighed the benefits, so I pulled the trigger and sent them back. The ports and chambers were spec'd and cut by Craig. This is the strength of the Thiteks, they can be customized to maximize and compliment different builds. Lucky for me I still had "meat on the bone", so Craig had the material to rework these to fit my new direction. Thanks so much brother, you know I appreciate it! Fuel System: FORE Return Style System with ID1000 Injectors and Billet Technology Fuel Rails I contacted Harrison at Stage6 and we discussed my build, and it's fuel needs and decided to go with a FORE Return Style System with dual Wally 405s, the upgraded controller and Ford 80# injectors. Harrison got me a great price on the kit and injectors. Harrison, Dwight and the boys at Stage6 went above and beyond for me. Taking my calls and texts, answering questions and getting back to me quickly, they made ordering this system VERY easy. As I've never had to do much to my fuel system thus far, I was in new territory, knew very little and could have easily screwed this part up. I couldn't be happier, nor could I have found a better shop to help this noob out. . I'll be scooping up some Bud Light for the Stage6 crew at the next race for sure. I was still creating my budget spreadsheet when I got the quote from Harrison, and by the time I was ready to start buying parts a set of low mileage ID1000s came up for sale and sat for a couple weeks. I contacted the seller, made an offer and we reached a price I could live with, so I pulled the trigger on them for two reasons. First, The ID1000s are easier from a tuning standpoint, and second, they aren't tall like the Ford 80# injectors so I wouldn't have to use a spacer on the fuel rails. I've gone that route before, and the spacers are just annoying. . I'm running Billet Technology fuel rails (I know, surprise!) and I'll make hardlines for the crossovers, etc. Camshaft: Arrington 607 Cam Cam at Crank This! Performance and I have spent waaaay too much time on the phone discussing this build. He's been an invaluable resource (for 8 years now) especially with this build. Cam's got a proven track record with 3.6s running on the street and at the track... both the 1/4 and top speed events. His work on Bryce's 300, and what he learned from that build have given me a leg up, and I know what to expect with this build and it's power capabilities. Cam's recommendation for the bumpstick is the API 607. That's all I needed to hear. Torque Converter: 2800 - 3000 stall Paramount Dominator Builder Bill has always been there for me when it comes to my driveline. I contacted Bill about re-stalling a Dominator I have on the shelf and we discussed my build and needs. I'll drop off the 'verter next week, and Bill will restall it to 2800-3000. The reason I'm spec'ing the 'verter with a range of 2800-3000 is when I change pulleys, I'll make more torque, thus raising the stall of the 'verter. Bill and I also agree that tossing a new Flexplate in while the motor is out is a good idea (duh I know) so I'll scoop up another of Bill's trusty plates to toss in when we do the install. Transmission: Fully Built Paramount NAG1 I've been running a Paramount NAG1 since 2012 and it has been FLAWLESS. The shifts are crisp and it's been the one area of my troublesome 6.1 build which has never given me any problems. At one point I thought the input shaft was loose, but it turned out that the bolts in my DS coupler had loosened, creating a clunk that was unrelated to the trans. Bill and I of course discussed my build and he's given me the green light to keep the current trans in the car, as it's more than up to the task of handling the power and torque the 3.6 will put down. Driveshaft | Differential | Axles: Driveshaft Shop Gen2 9" Conversion, 4" Aluminum Driveshaft, 1400 hp Axles Originally I had planed to send my Getrag up to Erik at BFNY to have him rebuild it with his upgraded clutch kit and run the upgraded axles Frank and Eric Hruza had given me after ChallengerFest. Cutting to the chase (I have a thread dedicated to the 9" conversion, with the full story here. ) as DSS is local to me, Frank asked if they could use my car to develop a second generation, bolt in 9" conversion. I jumped at the chance, as my rear was the weak link with the new build. I had planned to keep my power below the fail threshold of the Getrag rear. With the new 9" I decided to keep my gear ratio at 3.06 for a few reasons. One, I still plan on driving the BadWagon on the highway, and as a daily driver (for the most part, no bad weather driving of course). Two, I'd rather not go to a 15" conversion off the bat, and I know the 3.06 will help me hooking on launch with 17" wheels and Hoosier slicks. The work Scott (Bagshaw) and Frank have done is simply amazing. The rear end is a work of art, looks to be extremely stout. Frank and Scott are eager for me to beat on this rear with the new build, and they fully expect it to perform at the track, as well as have street manners and noise similar to a stock vehicle. DSS is utilizing sound deadening in the 4" aluminum driveshaft and a few other tricks to keep the noise to a minimum. Scott and Frank have been fantastic to work with, great communication, updates and an attention to detail which is inspiring, and gives me great confidence in not only the product, but the support after it's in the car. Supporting Mods CAI Tube: Legmaker Mammoth Kenne Bell CF CAI What more needs to be said, really? Chris already had John's intake tube, as he'd used it to create the mold for the LMI KB tube. Being the great guy he is, he transferred John's free tube (for allowing Chris to use his to make the mold) to me and delivered it at the ShinDig. As with all LMI intakes, this tube is hand laid carbon fiber, beautiful inside and out. Chris is truly a master laying CF. The attention to detail, skill and care he puts into each and every LMI intake is obvious when you see one in person. Upgraded Coolant Pump: No idea what the specs are on this pump. I need to get them from John, but it's an upgraded pump and it's going on the car. Heat Exchanger: Afco GT500 Dual Fan Heat Exchanger This set up is a proven combo for our platform, and we know it's a necessary to keep the temps under control on a twin screw blower. It's just the nature of the beast. I was planning on running the stock HX off the bat, but after discussing it with Karl, Sam, Cam and Heidi, the boss lady and I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on the Afco GT500. It'll make everything easier, cooler and it's simply the smarter choice. I'll have some tabs welded on, so it's ready to rock for the install. GT500 Tensioner, NGK 6510 Plugs, Valve Cover Breather System, 6.1 OEM Radiator and Hoses - Thanks to Mr. S.C. Hello (lowwlife) Eagle Valve Covers w/ fittings to fit on the Thiteks and work with the VC Breather System (Thanks Sam!) ATI 17% OD Dampener Thumper Idler Pulleys Cosmetic Head Gaskets APR Studs 2.5 Gallon water/icebox. OEM Mopar Parts: East Coast Mopar Parts Andy Wagner is the go to guy for OEM Parts. Andy provided me with GREAT pricing, fast shipping and even looked up a few part numbers I was too lazy to pull. So from Andy I've picked up the following: New 6.1 Oil Pump, Water Pump, Timing Cover, Water Pump, Header gaskets, cam and crank bolts. CCW Wheels | M&H Skinnies | Hoosier 28" Slicks I knew I'd need more traction and the 26" Hoosier DRs I'm currently running weren't gonna hold. So I scooped up a set of CCW Wheels with 28" M&H Skinnies up front and Hoosier 28" slicks out back. Heidi scooped up my Center Line set up for her Magnum. Win - Win for Team BT. Tuning: Brent Hughes | DTP Racing Brent is the man when it comes to Gen 3 Hemi's and Kenne Bells. No one better to tune this monster than Brent. Heidi | Billet Technology This build wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Heidi and Billet Technology. I've been working with Heidi and Team BT since 2011 and we've become good friends as well as had a blast with the BT marketing and events. She knew the 6.1 build was a sore spot for me, and that it had lurked over me for years. When she approached me about sponsoring my car and a joint build I didn't know what to say. After thinking about and talking with her, I accepted her offer. I am so glad that I did. This build has rejuvenated my enthusiasm for racing, wrenching, modding, and the overall joy my car used to bring me has returned. Any of you that know me personally are aware of the whirlwind which I live in. When I lost the enthusiasm for wrenching, and the wagon became a sore spot rather than a 'happy place' it was really tough for me. This joint build with Heidi couldn't have come at a better time, and is just what the doctor ordered. Boss, I can't thank you enough for partnering up with me on this build, and all of the support in this. It sure does mean a lot. The Plan The plan is to complete and test as many systems before the motor comes out of the car to be rebuilt. Now that the rear end is complete, and almost broken in, ready to hit the track, stage 1 is complete. The next stage will happen as soon as I return from VMP. I'll install the fuel system, and make sure it's working correctly. Once that's complete, we'll cross stage 2 off the list. With the fuel system done, it's time to take the motor out. Once out, I'll take the block to Arrington and they'll build the shortblock. :mrgreen: While Arrington is building the shortblock, I'll go ahead and install the intercooler and go through my punch list for any odds and ends which I haven't picked up yet. Once API is done with the shortblock, I'll scoop it up, bring it home and start the mock up. Cam has been so helpful, and he's given me instructions on how to check and correct the pulley alignment. When it's dead nuts, it'll be time to make the call to BFNY...... yes, I'm calling down the Thunder, Hemi31. As long as it works with his and Wendy's schedule, they'll come down and we'll put all of the pieces together. I'm so stoked to have Erik and Wendy coming down. I know Nick (MadCharger, remember him?) is excited to see them too. After it's all in, I'll drag it up to Mike's shop and we'll put it on the rollers to get it dialed in. We are aiming for Atco, and we should be ready by then. I can't wait, it's gonna be a blast.