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Found 31 results

  1. But at least I learned a few things. Here's the slips. You can sure see how much difference the trans tuning makes, well at least when you remember to put it in the right mode. 3MPH is a ton for a simple button press. Third pass the Hellcat in the other lane hit his rev limiter and I thought it was me so I let off, realized it wasn't me, and got back on it. I was frustrated! Pulled right back to the staging lanes and ran the last pass, 9.93. Car will run 9s on the 93 octane setup with the right track prep. -Speedy
  2. Mike from OSTDyno.com had been training me on tuning for a while and I decided to take a stab at it on the new motor. It's kinda liberating being able to make adjustments myself, better understand the car, and even set up the shift points to my particular driving style. Next I'll get a race tune (or three) setup and hit the track for some testing.
  3. A LMI came up for sale for a great price so I snagged it. Guy in a modded Hellcat recently did some track testing with the LMI vs the stock air box and picked up almost 3/10 and 3MPH so I figured I'd give one a shot.
  4. This is the direction I went on a new engine for Go Man Go. I thought it over for about a week and wanted to KISS. From the time the motor broke at the track to the I was back on the road was right at 15 days total, and I took 6 of those to decide what to do. Hopefully this is an upgrade and will meet the goals of 10.0 in any weather and a 9 here or there in good air.
  5. I'll go through what I found when we pulled the heads, show the data logs, etc. If there's a ton of questions/interest I might try to do a "live" to talk through it more. Never done one though, so who knows.
  6. Headed home and it was FAST!
  7. Enlisted a buddy of mine for some help getting Go Man Go back and ready to rock and roll. Next week I'll show what I found when I disassembled the motor.
  8. This is what happened to Go Man Go. It blew the motor at the track back in March. It was fixed at CF10 and I think you guys will like the direction I went. This was shot the weekend after it broke. I hadn't torn the motor down yet. I pulled plugs in cylinder 7 and they looked fine, although had some oil on them. I picked cylinder 7 since it was easiest to get to. I also checked cylinder 6 and those plugs looked OK as well. No burnt straps or anything. I didn't bother removing anymore, and figured I'd check them all when we tore the engine down.
  9. Those paying close attention have noticed these recent videos were filmed a couple of months back. Well here's why. My plan was to have these release leading up to ChallengerFest, but we had a bit of an issue during testing a couple weeks before the event. The car was already fixed at CF10 for those that saw it though.More to come on diagnosing and fixing so stay tuned, it's gonna get interesting. I'll tell ya what it wasn't, and you guys can guess what it was . It's definitely something major so I'll give that as a hint. Those that noticed at CF10, please keep it on the down low It wasn't the tune. It wasn't the 2.72 pulley. It wasn't the fuel.This was on the exact same setup as last track test on the Hoosiers, the only change was to the Mickey Thompson ET Street R tires.Of course I'll show exactly what happened so others can have some knowledge. That'll be coming in the following weeks.
  10. I took Go Man Go to Street Car Takeover Bowling Green, KY at Beech Bend Raceway last Saturday. This was the first outing since the issue with the car and I wanted to get that monkey off my back. Those that have had issues at the track know what I'm talking about I hadn't been to Beech Bend Raceway in August in exactly 10 years, almost to the day, and now I remember why LOL. It was bloody hot. 90+ degrees F and 70-80% humidity = 3500 - 3600 DA. I don't understand roll racing, seems like something for folks that can't drive, but they started with that the first half of the day. I watched for a few minutes, but kinda boring really. Drifting was pretty cool, and there was a car show. The place was packed. I had to fly solo as Crew Chief Greg has some family stuff going on and IvoryCat had family business as well. Mrs. Speedy saw the weather and said "hell no", so I had to pack all the gear in Go Man Go. Luckily the folks I pitted next to were super cool so I had an opportunity to make some new friends. I entered Go Man Go in the Extreme Street 10.0 Index class. Having run 10.03, 10.04, and 10.05 back in March, and running those times lifting at about the 1000 foot mark, I thought I'd be real close. Well the DA affects these cars a lot more than I thought. I pinged Mike from OST and he said it's typically 1/10th for every 1100 feet of DA that the car will slow down. In the end I got put out by a Fox Body Mustang race car. We drew poker chips with numbers and color for lane choice. I tried to go find the guy to ask him about his car, but there were so many cars there I couldn't find him. It had nitrous on it, pretty good size slicks, skinnies, gutted interior, roll cage, and I think a power glide trans based on the sound of the shifts. He beat me by about 2/10ths, which I didn't feel too bad about considering I drove my car there. Everyone loves the Hellcat and I was the ONLY Mopar I saw even competing. Lots of Corvettes and FWD imports with huge turbos. These Hellcats have a reputation for being fast cars in the right hands and folks were pretty impressed with the times it was running in the heat. Here's the time slips from March 24, 2019 DA +500ish Here's the slips from Saturday Aug 3, 2019 DA +3500ish and super humid -Speedy
  11. Had a "oh crap" moment when the bit snapped, but got it done.
  12. Ran out of injector with the 2.72 Hellraiser.
  13. Found the next item that needs upgrading.
  14. Not too bad of a job. You just need the Metco removal tools, the rest is just nuts and bolts.
  15. I heard this forum is full of warranty worry warts
  16. Had an event coming up that was using the .500 pro tree, and since I'm used to sportsman I phoned a friend to get some tips
  17. Lots of rumors swirl around out there, so I got some info from folks who actually work with these cars every day.
  18. Time to start making some change
  19. Feels surreal to be doing this again about 10 years later......
  20. I've been testing 93 vs 109 in the Hellcat, stock tune, pulleys, etc. I've been seeing a .15 to .20 difference in ET and about 2MPH gain. I had hoped it would run as strong on 93 and I could save the $90 on cans of 109, but the car shows 3-4 deg of STKR on 93, especially if the DA is above 900 or so. Every time I go to the track people don't believe the car is pretty much stock. No tune, pulleys, etc. I tell them it's tires, wheels, and a driveshaft and welcome them to look it over.....guess a lot of people out there with Hellcats not doing the business or something? Greg does tease me and say this car was built on a Friday and is a "good" one LOL.