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Found 19 results

  1. Had a "oh crap" moment when the bit snapped, but got it done.
  2. Ran out of injector with the 2.72 Hellraiser.
  3. Found the next item that needs upgrading.
  4. Not too bad of a job. You just need the Metco removal tools, the rest is just nuts and bolts.
  5. I heard this forum is full of warranty worry warts
  6. Had an event coming up that was using the .500 pro tree, and since I'm used to sportsman I phoned a friend to get some tips
  7. Lots of rumors swirl around out there, so I got some info from folks who actually work with these cars every day.
  8. Time to start making some change
  9. Feels surreal to be doing this again about 10 years later......
  10. I've been testing 93 vs 109 in the Hellcat, stock tune, pulleys, etc. I've been seeing a .15 to .20 difference in ET and about 2MPH gain. I had hoped it would run as strong on 93 and I could save the $90 on cans of 109, but the car shows 3-4 deg of STKR on 93, especially if the DA is above 900 or so. Every time I go to the track people don't believe the car is pretty much stock. No tune, pulleys, etc. I tell them it's tires, wheels, and a driveshaft and welcome them to look it over.....guess a lot of people out there with Hellcats not doing the business or something? Greg does tease me and say this car was built on a Friday and is a "good" one LOL.
  11. Good to see Greg, Kevin, Erik, Wendy, Guy, Dan, and the other usual suspects at the MSHS VMP event. Had a blast, made 20 passes, and actually did pretty well in the modified class.
  12. Shaved more weight than expected, good fit and finish, and a workout to install.
  13. Pretty fun to fool around with. I had been waiting for this type of drone, that was easy to fly, had radar, good camera, etc. Should allow for some interesting shots in future vids and events.
  14. Not what I was expecting, but still pretty awesome. Canyon carving out in Nevada.
  15. Took Go Man Go to a dyno day out of curiosity. I was thinking about 650RWHP based on the track runs being 10.5Xs at 130+MPH. Came in a bit over that actually at 669.6RWHP so pretty stout. Watched some other cars run on the same dyno that day and the numbers seem like they make sense.
  16. Got the new gauges installed and have been enjoying them the past couple of weeks. They really updated the interior and gave it a more modern feel, but still classic muscle car. I started to separate the white bezel from the clear face, but it's just too sensitive and I was sure it'd break, so I found a way to mask it off for paint. Glad I took that extra step as I don't think the white bezel would have looked good with the black faces. This is actually a very easy project to do, much easier than I expected and the return on investment extremely high since these are right there in front of you every time you drive the car.