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426 Geniii 66' Pro Street Charger......the Build Begins.

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Finally after a year of sitting in the corner and collecting dust there is a glimmer of progress. My Aluminum block is fixed. I will have a Scat 3.900 crank coming and we are using Callies Ultra I beam rods. We will be bringing the car out of the storage garage so I can start working on it again. Since the 426 went back in the 300 I was at a standstill till I had a useable block. I asked Billy Briggs to look at this aluminum block I got from Andy. This was the original block from InferAls car that had the main studs strip out of it and drop into the pan. Billy was able to resurrect the block with some fancy machine work and installed 1/2" main studs. He has assured me the motor will take 8000 rpm with no issue. The block will be 3/4 filled and run a custom main girdle, which I will have pics of in a separate thread this week to see if there is interest. Motor plates will be run as well, front and mid as I no longer trust motor mounts on an aluminum block at this level. I will be having Craig repair the chamber on the Thiteks and we are going to bump them up to a 2.20 valve. I also bought a second damaged Aluminum block to use as a mockup motor. Once the repaired motor is done I will have this one repaired as a backup. Hopefully the updates and pics will be rolling in every couple/few weeks now instead of once a year.








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Its killing me how slow the progress has been. Craig finally got to make some progress on my heads. They have been re ported and chambered for 2.2/ 1.68 valves with some geometry changes. Hopefully only another couple weeks before the heads are done. The new cam should show up about the same time. .271/275 @ .050, .630 lift , 108 lsa.




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