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Texas Mile Oct 2013 Photos

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Add your photo's here.


Texas Mile Layout



Two kindred souls



Mike sitting on his throne



Sam and his new bud.



Col Angus is ready for the Mile



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Patiently waiting for the Boobie pics! lol 


Where are all the "Texas Honey" pics? Is it true that the best women come from the Lone Star State?




Just for you...




Something must have happened to the camera as I seemed to have cut off her head.



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Thanks Dave!


The blue Ford GT with the Earnhardt 3 on the side is actually from Ruston. I see him quite a bit when the weather is nice out. He's had the "3" on since last spring, so he must have went last March as well.



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I'll get around to mine next weekend. I've glanced at the GoPro stuff and I might have one of two runs. I am f'ing done with the current GoPro - gotta be the worst UI ever put into a device. I'll be getting the new one with wireless interface or something else. It's mostly our fault, we tend to leave it on when we are done. Some runs it runs forever when left on. On two other occasions it ran until I got to the burnout box and shut off untouched. I think it may limit out at 16GB on a 32GB card since that is the most on either card I used. 


I do have a bunch of videos of runs to go through though. Didn't take a ton of stills. 

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