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Charger Build Under Way

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The SHR tranny in the car runs like a dream. Rock solid.

I sent the paramount tranny back to bill to diagnose. Quotes me 1800 to fix and I said that's just good money after bad. Asked him to send the tranny to Lonnie so I make Lonnie whole on the core and bill won't do it. Says I owe 1800 for repairs, I asked for an estimate, it was clear in emails.

Anyway, I'm out $4500, Bill won't ship my tranny. Lesson learned.


Going the legal route now.

That's kinda how I felt. But I never actually sent the transmission to him... I too ate it, and went a different route.


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Crazy that this guy does business this way and gets away with it. You and I aren't the only ones by the way. Asshat! if you want we can pool resources and go after him collectively.

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caught bill in lies as well and only delt with him once. That was enough for me, peanuts compared to what your going thru. Good luck, hope it all gets sorted out. When I do a built trans this winter, going thru Ben at enhanced.

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