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Big Ass Texas Mile Oct 2013 Photobucket File 1100 Pics

The pics are awesome Mike, all 53 pages of them :). Only you could have left the nose of me acting like an idiot out :)

We all shine at times :)))

OMG your right 53 pages and thats not all of em..Jap car Jap camera tactics..


Im sure someone got me acting a bit tarded as well :) The pics of Lisa were the best what yah all think?? I was blown away when I started going thru the pics!

Lisa kicked bootyyyy at the Texas Mile!! We expected nothing less Ms Lisa!


Oh and next time we run a car which wont be till I figure out what the hell Im building Sheri is going to run and will need some girl power advise,god know she never listens to me ,and I think we all know why that is , lol..Ive come to realize Im just a crazy bastard is all.. lol


Ty Lisa for all you do like I said your the other light of logic in my life at time ..Esspecially at these events! Cuz we so like to have fun dont we!

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lmao!! it's like a huge flip book!!

Thats exactly what it is ...I like you dancing supa, lol...NOt!!!!!!!!! :) You doing the Super Bowl Shuffle ROCKS!! I want to make a GIF of that is that possible SUPA?? More COWBELL Baby!


Those are great pictures, Mike!  Thank you for sharing them!


Dam right buddy and call me this week ! It was great to meet yah heard alot about you .and you better be back !

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