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Challengerfest5 Event Thread

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Vendors contact Speedy if interested in supporting this event.
Sponsorships must be received by February 28, 2014 to be included in promotional items for ChallengerFest5.


A HUGE Thanks to Arrington Performance, Magnuson, and SCT!


Arrington Performance and Magnuson have stepped up to be title sponsors again for Challengerfest5 and have brought in SCT as well!  This will be a separate race class, Arrington Performance SCT Magnuson Supercharger Shootout, and a WINNER TAKE ALL deal.


This race will be limited to modern Challenger/Charger/300/Magnum.  This is due to this prize package only fitting these particular vehicles. 


Arrington / Magnuson Supercharger for LX/LC w/SCT Tuning!
*Free standard installation and tuning at Arrington's facility in Martinsville, VA

(*modified vehicle install/tuning could incur additional fees and winner is responsible for car delivery/pickup)

This is NOT a requirement to win the prize.  The winner can receive all parts and do the install/tune on their own if they chose
Arrington Fuel System Upgrade
Arrington CAI
Arrington Catch Can
Arrington Strut Tower Brace
New to Market SCT
X4 Tuner - That means your car will be tuned via the brand NEW SCT Equipment!!!


This prize IS TRANSFERABLE should the winner choose to sell it to another car owner!  This prize will be awarded at the event via a certificate**.  (**actual cash value of certificate is $1).  I have to say that for legal terms/conditions nothing more nothing less.  If someone wins this thing they can sell the package for whatever price they wanted to another car owner who meets the car requirement for fitment (Challenger/Charger/300).  You couldn't sell it to a Jeep owner and expect to get custom fab work done at no charge to make these parts fit, for example.


pictures are examples and actual product may vary


2301.png   1852_1_.jpg2559.png  2273.png






HOST HOTEL: Holiday Inn 1021 Wilkinson Trace, Bowling Green, KY 42103
Phone: 270-745-0088 or 1-888-HOLIDAY

Group Rate Code: DF5


$109/night includes breakfast for 2



Car Show Friday April 4, 2014 5pm - 8pm CST
Parking Lot Party 8pm - ???






Beech Bend Raceway Bowling Green, KY
Drag Racing Saturday April 5, 2014 8am - 4pm CST





EVENT COST (PayPal ChallengerFest) !!Don't forget to include your forum name in the notes!!

*(Includes Racing, Car Show, and Spectators other activities not directly associated with ChallengerFest such as Gun Range or Corvette Museum additional)

Driver (per car) - $100.00 prepay/$125.00 gate (PREPAY NON REFUNDABLE)

*One track spectator included with car driver and driver includes car show entry for one car.  Driver fee covers two drivers in the same car, $50 for each additional driver.

Car Show Only (per car) - $15.00 prepay/$25.00 onsite (PREPAY NON REFUNDABLE)

*One track spectator included with car show car owner

Spectator - $5.00 (PREPAY NON REFUNDABLE)

*This is per person for entry to see the racing at Beech Bend Raceway on Saturday


Kids 12 and under - FREE


*PREPAY for Driver and or Car Show MUST be received by 12:00PM CST (NOON) Thursday, April 3, 2014 to be receive the prepay discount.  Paying Friday at the registration table will be the standard on site fee of $25 per car for car show entry and $125 for on track drivers.

Official Event Charity




Event Schedule: (*all times are tentative and could change slightly, all times are CST)


Friday April 4, 2014

9am - 11am Gun Range - meet at the host hotel parking lot 8:30am

Area Cruise - TBD

2pm - Registration table opens at the host hotel parking lot - there will be a pop up tent and tables.

4pm - 8pm Parking lot catered BBQ at Holiday Inn host hotel (please go HERE and post how many plates you want $16/plate adults $10/plate kids 12 and under)

5pm - 7pm Billet Tech Car Show

7:30pm - ??  Ask the Expert with AJ (aka HEMITUNER) host hotel parking lot - banquet hall if weather is too cool

8pm - ???? Parking Lot Party / Forum Awards (if the weather is too cool this will take place in a banquet room at the host hotel)


!!!!Race Times May Change based on Race run timing - pay attention to the announcer and tune your radio to the track FM Station for updates!!!!

!!!!It is the driver's responsibility to be where they need to be.  Everything is announced at the track, no exceptions.!!!!

Saturday April 5, 2014

6:30am - 7:30am - Breakfast Host Hotel

8am - Gates open at Beech Bend Race Way

9am - 11am - TNT

11am - 11:30am - GForce 6 Speed Shootout

11:30am - 12pm - TNT

12pm - 1pm - break for lunch

1pm - 1:30pm - PWR Unlimited Shootout

1:30pm - 2pm - TNT

2pm - 2:30pm HHP Bracket Race

2:30pm - 3pm - Arrington Performance/Magnuson Superchargers Bracket Race

3pm - 4pm TNT

4pm - track closes to ChallengerFest

5pm ChallengerFest attendees will need to leave the track unless staying on until 10pm with the local group ($5 tech card required)

7pm - 8pm - Modern Mopar Forum/Thitek Awards Banquet at the host hotel

8pm - 9pm - Racing4Vets Charity Auction

9pm - ???? Parking Lot party (if too cool or inclement weather this will take place in the same banquet hall as the awards dinner)


Sunday April 6, 2014

8am - Breakfast

10am - Goodbyes


Billet Technology Car Show Classes

STOCK, MODIFIED, and CUSTOM (1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each class)
Best of Show
People's Choice
Furthest Driven
Furthest Trailored





Racing Classes

Arrington Performance SCT Magnuson Supercharger Shootout

PWR Ulimited Shootout

GForce Performance Engineering 6 Speed Shootout

High Horse Performance Bracket Race






To make registration easier your number in the attendee list will be YOUR number throughout the event.  This will be used for everything from the car show to the actual number you put on your car for the drag strip.  This will greatly improve registration efficiency and make it easier on the folks at the registration table.


Although not associated with ChallengerFest, some folks are planning to go to the gun range on Friday. 

Sign Up HERE - Prizes and some items for Racing4Vets.org charity


Want BBQ during the Car Show?  SIGN UP HERE



Order your official CF5 Event T's HERE





1.  Speedy

2.  Renfrick - PAID

3.  bluebyubill - PAID

4.  Georgethedog

5.  Toofart - PAID

6.  oilstrike - PAID

7.  QwickSilverC - PAID

8.  TA340

9.  muzza61

10.  LuvMyRT - PAID

11.  gtonram - PAID

12.  Jpw2133 - PAID

13.  HemiSam - PAID

14.  ShaggySRT

15.  Yellowjacket - PAID


17.  mpr grl - PAID

18.  runner2go - PAID

19.  Ed3300 - PAID

20.  Notsure

21.  Fastrt09 - PAID

22.  brucer41 - PAID

23.  BizzyBeth - PAID

24.  Seasad - PAID

25.  Seamus

26.  HotSauce - PAID

27.  Goehner - PAID

28.  Jungle Jim - PAID

29.  3838 - PAID

30.  RonP - PAID

31.  Ironchallenger

32.  Bozo - PAID

33.  Kev5696 - PAID

34.  HemiOrangeRT - PAID

35.  Kerry D. - PAID

36.  Bigbear

37.  TinaB5RT - PAID

38.  Hemi57 - PAID

39.  Max M. - PAID

40.  Rayraythepj - PAID

41.  alb440 - PAID


43.  ICON - PAID

44.  Ms. Plum - PAID

45.  jdwrt09 - PAID


47.  Sloan1 - PAID

49.  jettech104 - PAID

50.  392Powr - PAID

51.  Plum Krzz - PAID

52.  gjanes22 - PAID

53.  Bruuuuce. - PAID

54.  Lee H. - PAID

55.  Plum CrazyRT - PAID

56.  MikeDCop - PAID

57.  345_CHLNGR - PAID

58.  Derek E. - PAID

59.  Marcus T. - PAID

60.  Steve S. - PAID

61.  6PT1- PAID

62.  GTP - PAID

63.  Christopher W. - PAID

64.  Notso - PAID

65.  Raymond R. - PAID

66.  Scott - PAID


68.  Sickrbpcp

69.  KY Sinister Challenger - PAID

70.  Daniel K. - PAID

71.  Jon J. - PAID


73.  Jeff M. - PAID


78.  Iron6 - PAID

99.  BayouTiger/Tigress :) - PAID

187.  DevilDogge - PAID

212.  LakersFan - PAID

216.  novawagonmaster - PAID

366.  BuckeyeGuy - PAID

408.  Mopar408 - PAID

428.  Hemiwoman/Hemiman - PAID

1212.  CruzKing - PAID

5939.  SRT5939




!! Winner of any prize must be present Saturday night at the awards ceremony to receive the prize or it will go to the next attending participant !!









































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Dave made us some bad ass Logos for CF5.  Feel free to copy this and put it on your Photobuckets or whatever and put it in yoru sig.  Gracias Dave!



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I've setup the PayPal. The best way to do it is on the CF5 website as you can select what you want and it'll do the total for you.  If you add a driver and need to add spectators, just click "continue shopping" and it'll take you back to the site where you can select what you want and hit "add to cart" and just do a final checkout when you're finished.

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I am in, just hope car is done in time.


We need to line up at CF5 man.  I'm making time for a few fun races this time for sure.  Even if you have to bring the Caddy.

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We need to line up at CF5 man.  I'm making time for a few fun races this time for sure.  Even if you have to bring the Caddy.

You can count on it. I have not started a build thread but I am waiting for my 393 stroker from Andy (should get it this week). Could not take all you guys running 10's anymore. This is such an expensive forum. lol

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     I am in. I will just give you the money on the 23rd when we go to BG.


Cool beans.  You need to Mrs. LuvMyRT in fastest female :)


payment sent  thanks.............



Gotcha updated on the list and thanks.

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