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Modern Mopar Crashes

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look at the kid rolling around on the median, the little turd got out to help with the beat down and then remembered his frivolous lawsuit training and started flopping around so they could get PAID!!!

True enough.

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An 85-year-old man died on Friday from injuries sustained in a Feb. 17 car crash in the intersection of South Kolb Road and East Broadway Boulevard, authorities said.

At about 6:30 a.m. on Feb. 17, Tucson police responded to the scene of a collision between a 2005 Toyota Camry and a 2009 Dodge Challenger.

Ivan Leon Lovette, the driver of the Camry, was transported to Saint Joseph’s Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries, but died three days later, according to a Tucson Police Department news release.

The passenger of the Camry, a 70-year old female, and the 27-year old driver of the Challenger were both uninjured and did not need medical attention.

During their investigation of the crash, Tucson police determined that the Challenger was traveling south on Kolb and driving through the intersection when the Camry turned in front of it, the two cars colliding as a result.

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Crews pulled a car out of a canal in Northwest Miami-Dade. The driver, authorities said, died on the scene.

Jorge Jimenez-Rodriguez, 25, was in the driver’s seat black Dodge Challenger.

Family said Jimenez-Rodriguez, in the military, was on his way to training.

Troopers determined that Jimenez-Rodriguez was on the 836 exit ramp when he lost control. The car went into a spin and the front tire came off and hit the light pole– causing it to collapse.

Jimenez-Rodriguez’s car kept going, across the six lanes of traffic, crashed into the guardrail before landing upside down in the drainage pound.

The family didn’t want to speak on camera, but they told CBS4’s Travell Eiland that Jimenez-Rodriguez was in the Army and was on his way to training when the crash happened.

Investigators have not determined if he was wearing his seat belt, but Troopers said alcohol did not play a role in the crash.

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Not a crash, but this is crazy.




Man lucky to be alive after ice chunk 'fell from a Delta Airlines plane' and shattered windshield on his $30,000 car
  • Todd Larson, 55, of Taylorsville, Utah claims Delta A1 aircraft flew over his home dropping ice chunk smashing his Dodge Challenger's windshield
  • He paid $4,000 in repairs and wants the airline to 'admit its fault'
  • Mr Larson said FAA did an investigation and found that at the time of the incident an aircraft matched within two minutes that was overhead 

By Myriah Towner For Dailymail.com

Published: 14:45 EST, 17 April 2015 | Updated: 18:57 EST, 17 April 2015



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A Utah man is thankful he is alive after he claims a Delta Airlines plane flew over his home when a large chunk of ice dropped from the aircraft shattering his car's windshield.

Todd Larson, 55, told Daily Mail Online he had parked his collectible Dodge Challenger worth $30,000 in the driveway of his Taylorsville home on March 25 when moments later an ice chunk crashed onto his car at 1.53am.

'It hit so hard that four or five neighbors' car alarms went off,' he told Daily Mail Online.

'It missed going through my roof by only inches and if I had stayed in the car and answered by son’s message about picking him up, that piece of ice would have gone right through my chest.'


Todd Larson said a chunk of ice fell from a plan smashing through the windshield of his Dodge Challenger parked at his Taylorsville, Utah home (above his damaged Dodge Challenger)


He said the FAA did an investigation and found an A1 aircraft that matched within two minutes of the time the incident happened and when the plane was flying above his home

Mr Larson said two minutes later at 1.55am he called police to file the report of the ice chunk falling through his car's windshield, which he believes came from a Delta Airlines A1 aircraft.

He earlier told Fox 13 there were four Delta Air Line flights in the area when the incident occurred, according to a representative for the Federal Aviation Administration. 

On Friday afternoon, Mr Larson told Daily Mail Online that the FAA did an investigation and learned that on March 26 an aircraft within two minutes of the time of incident was in the area above his home.

'The investigator cannot give me the flight number but the time it happened matched within two minutes that the plane was overhead,' he said. 

'What caught my attention was that as he turned the plane and put his spoiler down, you could hear the engine change, and I looked up and saw that it was a Delta plane. 

'Then I heard a huge crash which sounded like a major car accident.'

Mr Larson said the hole in his windshield is about 12.5 inches in length and that the size of the piece of ice that went through was the size of a cinder block.

'The pieces that broke up were the size of a grapefruit and the smaller ones were the size of golf balls,' he told Daily Mail Online.

Mr Larson has already paid the $4,000 in repairs which included $400 for the windshield and additional costs for replacing his Bluetooth, emergency phone and electric power seat with a heater that were all damaged in the incident.

'When you’re retired and you have to take that big chunk of money out it makes a big difference in what you can do,' he said. 'You try and stay on a budget and you find a car that you really wanted and it’s damaged in this way. 

'My insurance says yes they’ll fix it, but my agent explained to me what happens and told me to call FAA, and said if I didn’t make a claim my car would be worthless so I’m at Catch-22. 

'I don’t know why they can’t admit what they did.'


Mr Larson said the chunks of ice ranged in size from grapefruits to golf balls (above the chunks of ice following the incident) 


He said the hole in his windshield is about 12.5 inches in length and that the glass was shattered into a fine powder

Mr Larson said that he has contacted Delta Airlines and the person in charge of the aircraft has not returned his calls.

He said they are meant to respond within ten working days, and that after giving them 15, he is left fed up.

'They don’t want to recognize it as their mistake that something happened from their plane,' he told Daily Mail Online.

'One of the people who did the preliminary investigation explained that if it was a part or a panel they are responsible, but ice is an "act of God" or cause of nature.

'I said it could be a malfunction in the plane and they won’t recognize that or give me a call back.

'I want them to admit that it was their fault.'

Daily Mail Online calls to Delta Airlines on Friday were not immediately returned. 


Mr Larson said he wants Delta Airlines to admit the chunk of ice came from their aircraft. On Friday, he told Daily Mail Online he had not had calls returned from the person in charge of the airbus

An incident similar to Larson's occurred earlier this year, when large pieces of ice slammed down into a man's Chicago living room and bedroom, causing destruction including a massive hole in his ceiling.

John Connors said apart from his cat Oscar being left scared, who was uninjured during the incident in January, if he had been home he would have been killed.

'I walked in and it looked like a bomb had exploded up in here,' Connors told WLS.

At the time, pilot Scott Batzel told Lake View Patch that he thought the ice dropped through Connors' apartment because of a plane flying overhead.

Batzel said: 'There’s a slight possibility the ice-ball fell from an airplane. It’s not a common occurrence but it does happen from time to time. 

'It’s very likely that many arriving airplanes were operating in that vicinity.'

He added: 'Some airplanes use potable water to flush the lavatory toilets. 

'Normally the flushed waste is collected in a storage tank but if the tank was leaking, ice could have built up on the outside of the plane and eventually broke free.' 


In January, John Connors (pictured above with his cat Oscar) experienced a similar incident when ice pummeled through his Chicago apartment leaving his cat Oscar scared and a massive hole in his ceiling


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He's a winy little tweeb dick of a human being. Stfu, stop looking for the easy way out with some frivolous lawsuit bullshit, turn it in to the insurance company and let them do their job.

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"It could have killed me, I could have died if only my son hadn't call, it would have gone right through my chest!!!!".


Well it fucking well didn't and had it, might have done the rest of us a favor. 55, retired, handicapped and living on a fixed income but driving a Vagina.


Something smells mighty fishy about this here Vagina owner I say :P

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Head-On Crash Kills Chauvin Woman in Terrebonne Parish


<em class="wnDate">Tuesday, April 21, 2015 9:17 PM EDT</em><em class="wnDate">Tuesday, April 21, 2015 9:17 PM EDT</em>
5971231_G.jpgImage Credit: MGN Online


A Chauvin woman is dead after a crash Tuesday afternoon in Terrebone Parish.

Troopers say is happened shortly after 2:30 p.m. on LA 56.

Investigators say a 2012 Dodge Challenger driven by Jason Dehart of Bourg was traveling south on LA 56 when it failed to negotiate a right hand curve.

Troopers say the Challenger crossed the center line and entered the northbound lane of LA 56 where it struck a vehicle driven by Carolyn Pellegrin.

Troopers say Pellegrin hit a utility pole.

Investigators say Dehart, who was not wearing a seat belt, was transported to Terrebonne General Medical Center with minor injuries. A four year old passenger inside the Challenger, who was not properly restrained, received moderate injuries in the crash, and she was transported to Terrebonne Medical Center.

Pellegrin, who was properly restrained, was pronounced dead on the scene by the Terrebonne Parish Coroner's Office.

Impairment is suspected to be a factor in the crash for Dehart. Blood was taken from Dehart and the test results will be pending at the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab. Dehart was arrested and charged with Vehicular Homicide, First Degree Vehicular Negligent Injuring, Driving Left of Center, No Driver's License, No Seat Belt, and No Child Restraint. Impairment is not suspect for Pellegrin, but routine toxicology tests are pending. This crash remains under investigation.

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