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2005 Magnum For Sale... Novi1500, Pwr Forged 6.1, Paramount, Dss

Pulled up to a traffic light on the way to work this morning. Guy in a new Camaro pulls along side. 


Him: "That car looks beautiful. Sounds great. Is it for sale?"

Me: "Everything is for sale."


Him: "What have you done to it?"

Me: "Built a race car. Forged motor, Paxton supercharger, custom intercooler, built transmission, exhaust. Everything. All it's missing is a roll cage."


Him: "WOW. That is awesome. What are you asking for it?"

Me: "You have cash?"


Him: "Depends how much."

Me: "If you're serious call me. 954......."


Green light...vroooooooooom. 


Never really thought about it.....but my '32 3-window is calling me. 

SO.... If you have a stupid amount of money burning a hole in your pocket, PM me to discuss! 



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I think it would suck too if I was driving a Camaro. It's really fun when you walk away from one at a 40mph roll and realize you left it in 3rd. :-). That guy wouldn't even pull up beside me again and I slowed down to 40 in a 55.


Just keep the Magnum and get a 32. Just tell Diane to forget about having 3 or 4 horses when you can have 400. :-)

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