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Texas Mile Mach 2014

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March registration opens Jan 19, 2014 at 2 PM.


Registration Opens on Sunday, January 19th at 2PM CST

Registration for the March 21-23, 2014 Texas Mile opens on January 19th at 2PM, CST!


Once registration is open a link will appear on your profile page on the Texas mile Website. In order to register you must sign in to your profile.


If you don't already have a Texas Mile profile you will need to create one in order to register for the event. Your profile will save all of your personal information, medical information, and car or bike information. Click here to sign up for a profile. Once your profile is created registering for the event is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. Please make sure to fill out each page completely. After you submit payment you will get a confirmation page as well as a confirmation email. 


I recommend signing into your profile and updating it before registration opens. If you have trouble logging in click on the "forgot username" link on the login page; once you have your user name click on the "forgot password" link on the login page to get your password.


Once you are registered please fax in your license paperwork. If you already have a Texas Mile license than you DO NOT need to fax in your license paperwork. Make sure to bring your hard card license with you to the event and present it to registration so that we can check you in.


Those registering from outside of the United States will need to call me to register. Please call me once registration has officially opened online. I cannot register anyone early.


Hotels in Beeville, sell our really fast for the event weekend so get yours reserved today! Below is a list of hotels in the area, make sure to mention that you will be attending The Texas Mile when reserving your room.


The Hampton Inn


301 South Hall St. Beeville, Texas 78102


Belmont Inn & Suites

2180 U.S. 59 Beeville, Texas 78102


Best Western Texan Inn

(361) 358-9999

2001 E. Hwy 59 Beeville, Texas 78102

Limited Availability.


Holiday Inn Express & Suites


2199 Highway 59 East Beeville, Texas 78102


Alternate Accommodations:


Motel 6


400 U.S. 181 Bypass Beeville, Texas 78102


Hancock House Bed & Breakfast


401 S. Kathleen Beeville, Texas 78102


El Camino Motel


1500 N. E. Washington St. Beeville, Texas 78102


Esquire Motel


3609 N. St. Mary's Beeville, Texas 78102


Star Lite Motel


1211 N. St. Mary's St. Beeville, Texas 78102


Best Western

(361) 645-3100

745 East Pearl Street Goliad, TX 77963


For more information on where to stay and what to eat in Bee County check out http://texasmile.net/lodging.php


 If you have any issues when registering online please give me a call (281) 303-1844. I am always available on my cell or via email info@texasmile.net .


Let me know if you have any questions. We hope to see you all very soon!



Jessica Reyna
J & S Matus Motorsports, Inc.
Director of Customer Experience

"Come early and stay late at The Texas Mile!"


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Insurance Issue...



Hello Texas Mile Participants & Fans,


We need your immediate help to keep The Texas Mile going. The Bee Development Authority (BDA) approved the contract for The Texas Mile 2014 events. This is good news; however, the BDA did not vote to lower the insurance requirement. We provided the BDA with compelling evidence that proved the Motorsport Industry Standard for insurance is $5 million dollars. Even with the provided evidence the BDA chose to keep the insurance policy the same. We must maintain an insurance policy that is ten times the amount of normal requirements from similar type of facilities and events. It is a 50 million dollar insurance policy which has an exorbitant premium. The policy adds an annual burden of $105,000. We have typically paid around $15,000 to $25,000 of the premium and HOT FUNDS covered $80,000. This money is a significant amount


In 2012 & 2013 The City of Beeville helped The Texas Mile by allocating hotel/motel tax funds (HOT Funds) to help with 80% of the insurance premium cost. They agreed to do this because of two reasons:
1. The insurance requirement is unique to Chase Field in Beeville and not required at any other similar venue or motorsports facility and
2. The Texas Mile events have a significant economic impact on the City of Beeville.


On January 14th, Shannon and Jessica presented at The City Council meeting in Beeville to request Hot Funds for the 2014 Texas Mile Insurance policy. The City Council discussed the request at length and concluded that they no longer want to allocate funds for the insurance policy or resources that have assisted with course maintenance.


The insurance requirement adds a significant expense to the event and is obviously a vital and required part. Therefore, we are seeking sponsorship towards the cost of the insurance which we will be collecting before registration opens on January 19th. In order to open registration we have to have confidence that the insurance policy will be covered.


Insurance Sponsorships will be set up so the sponsor can input the amount they want to commit. There will be a minimum sponsorship amount of $500.00 but we will not limit the amount that any 1 sponsor can contribute.


We need:

  • 10 sponsors at $10,000 each or
  • 20 at $5,000 each or
  • 40 at $2,500 each or
  • 100 at $1000 each

This sponsorship is different than the normal sponsorship packages we promote. We still need your regular event sponsorship. The insurance support sponsorship helps to ensure we are able to have the 2014 events.


We know that many of you have built your cars specifically for this event and that some of you have built your business around this event and its longevity. We also know that many of you look forward to this event twice a year as part of your family's vacation. We want to do everything we can to make sure that the event continues. With our 10 Year Anniversary in our rear view we look back at all of the obstacles we have overcome and know that there is still hope for the future. We ask you to join us in this fight to save The Texas Mile.


How to Sponsor:

Click on this link to sponsor https://www.texasmile.net/profile.php?view=sponsorship




Warm Regards,

Shannon Matus &

Jessica Reyna

The Texas Mile



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Yep and yep.  The insurance issue came up a year and a half or two ago.  They managed it and the city council grew a brain.  Looks like they went dumb again...too bad.  The event clearly has a significant impact on the city and brings it notoriety.  I expect they may be thinking they need less of that now that some drilling is happening nearby.  Short sited at best if that's so.



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I will miss this event as it falls on an already scheduled RV event. Considering the wife has not been able to go much of anywhere since having both hips replaced its her time.


Go getum Lisa.

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Got this email.....


Skid-O-Kan is offering all Texas Mile Participants and Fans RV/Motorhome Grey & Black Water Removal for $100
Make sure to call ahead and let them know you want thier service:
Ask for Nori or Tiffany






For that kinda money I hauled my 55 gallons of shit home and maybe some of yours..... :wacko:  lol

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Got my first pass in late this evening!  It was awesome...




Okay the pass was in a golf cart after the driver's meeting...


Got to the field about 5pm and by 6:30ish was registered, car tech'd, 1 run down the strip to get the layout so will be ready to go in the morning!  Thanks to Jack and Mike got good guidance to get stuff done quickly.  Ready for that license pass first thing in the morning!

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