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Ugly Ass Drag Pak For Sale

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Whens the part out thread start? I want dibs on the V1p0r seats...

hey I all ready sent you parts lol

Why the fire sale Phil, body and paint work had to cost something, good deal for someone out there.

like kevin said I get bored if there is no movement after a while. You would look good in a green one, I would take a body in white in on trade. But like Alan said no one is going to buy it.

I saw it for sale on RJ about a month or so ago. thought about sending him a low ball offer lol

lol I would have.

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That car looks great I don't care who you are.  Good luck, Phil.

Thanks Denis, the car will not sale. I just jack around with free racing junk and ebay ads. I just wish the parts would get here, I will be lucky if it is running a year from now.

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