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'70 Duster 5.7 Hemi Stroker Going To The Track......

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When are you going out there again?  Very interested in seeing this in person...

Just doing Friday Test-n-tunes right now.  Basically whenever I don't have to work on a Saturday, I'll be out there Friday night.

I don't get my schedule for the following week until Friday, so I won't know until July 4th whether I'll be there on the 11th.

If you plan to go on a Friday, just ask me earlier that week and I'll let you know....

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You should come out.  lots of nice people out there on Friday nights.


I would but it's about a 4hr drive for me now. I use to live in Liberty Hill in the mid 80"s, went out there a bunch.

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UPDATE-Test-n-tune Fri July 11th:

Fastest 1/4 mile: 10.40 128 mph, about the same as last time.

Wilwood front discs are working great, wish I had done the retrofit a long time ago!  Only issue was 90 degree fittings that screw into the calipers leaked.  I didn't see anything in the instructions about using teflon tape or anything else on them, but that fixed the issue at least for last night.

Reaction time getting more consistent.  6 passes, last 3 were all under .1 (the last one was .0017!)

More breakage, leaks, all of which were fixed at the track, thanks to helpful neighbors with teflon tape and brake fluid in their trailer, planning ahead, and duct tape!

Steering gear is starting to get play in it (confirmed it's not the linkage or pittman), need to adjust it at home or replace the gearbox.

Learning how to compensate for high heat/humidity with ignition timing.  Will also jet down the carb. next time.

The bastards wouldn't let me compete in the Mopar shootout bracket racing because my car doesn't have a closed exhaust system. What a stupid rule, it's a bracket race, it doesn't matter how fast any vehicle is, only how consistent.  (btw for you Central Texas folks that go to Little River, yes, Norman and his Chrysler 300 won the shootout.........again.........)

Looking forward to next Friday!




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Can you tell me about the 414 in your duster bracket car? Seems to run well. What does the car weigh and is 10.40@128 still your best time?

It's 5.7 bore, max stroke is what brings it up to 414 c.i.

Motor was built by Tony Bischoff and BES Racing Engines.

The car weighs 2800 lbs. empty

Don't do much 1/4 mile anymore as my home track has gone to 1/8th mile only.  Last time I did though it was 10.10 don't remember the speed.

I shift @ 6500rpm, limiter is set at 7200, but BES says it will take 7500rpm just fine, I'm just scared to do it!

All stock valvetrain except for springs.

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Do you know cam specs? And what heads are on it?

Unfortunately they won't tell me the cam specs.  They are Eagle heads with some work done to them by the BES guys.

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The Year In Review:

I think my little bracket car Duster and I had a pretty decent rookie year in the Summit Super Series.

52 cars in my division and I was set to finish in the top 5 when my ring and pinion broke the night before the final points race.

Missing the last race knocked me down to 9th place, so I feel like there is definite potential to be in the money next year.

I'm learning more each week about how far in to stage to cut a good light, when to pedal to avoid breakout, etc.

I'm looking forward to a good racing season next year!

Now if I can just figure out how to get a sponsor or two......

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