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October '14 Texas Mile

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No word on Karl. Full list of MOPARs is as follows:


Dave Weige Viper

Zach Weeks Ram sRT10

Malcolm Ward Neon

Sam's Challenger

Jason Smith Challanger

Chuck's Challenger

Ronnie King Viper

Joel Highsmith Challenger

Michael Harris Neon

Ed Foxe Charger


And my girls with Yellow 1953 Studebaker Commander Starliner will be there.

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chocker300c... I have not heard from you so #2 request gets the passes.



Colonel Angus 


Just tell the gate guy your with car #122.


Not sure if Chuck/Lisa, Sam or Ed have their pit passes allocated?

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I'm looking forward to the event.  Need to test my car at the quarter on the shift to overdrive...don't know if it'll hold but it should be entertaining....  I'm trying to get to the track Friday but the rain forecast might get in the way.


Speedy can't make it.  Burls can't make it.  Both will be back in the Spring.


Karl's car is coming along nicely.  Would be great to see him running again.


Will be good to see Joel and Ed run again.  I know both want to break the 200mph barrier in their cars.  


Wind will be critical, as Chuck pointed out.  I've seen a friend's Challenger go 8mph faster from his best run with no change whatsover after 2 days of running other than a shift in the wind to a tailwind on Sunday.  Tough for the quarter milers to wrap their heads around how many molecules we're pushing in these girls on the big end....they'll see for themselves.  I once had a 20-30mph hit my driver's side front at about 180mph and lost my steering...that'll wake ya up.


Team Shake n Bake FTW!






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Dammit!!! Hadn't been paying attention. Could pull up and go watch but I've made some plans to do some work on the car.

Good luck guys and gals!!!!

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Well during our stop at Bucee's , we came out and look what was parked next to us




These guys hold the record at the Texas Mile and have a few more toys to show off this year on top of the Ford GT, a CTSV with nitrous and a Harley Davidson with a Procharger :)

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