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We Knew They Were Going To Do It

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I will never "refuse" to accept an offer over MSRP if one insist on paying it, but I refuse to advertise over MSRP.  If I truly have a rare car that could bring big money over MSRP, I will simply keep the car for myself or hand select the buyer before the car ever arrives at the dealership.


My philosophy on market adjustments is that I don't believe the long term damage to my business and reputation is worth the short term gain I would get on the individual car.  I would rather have a smaller profit per unit from a large customer base than a large profit on a unit or two from a small customer base.  I simply am not willing to alienate 100 potential customers to get the 1 that will pay.  I am not trying to sound holier than any other dealer, it's just how I have always felt and now that I have my own store(s) it will always be that way.


Oh, and I will get my Hellcats...




 Stand up guy right there....and a smart businessman. Lee thinks long-term relationships rather than short-term profits. A business has to make a profit to stay in business but far too many businessmen think only in terms of short-term profits and one-time sales rather than building long=term relationships.


  When I was in retail audio sales, I had triple the amount of repeat customers and referrals than any of the other salesmen at the store I worked at for 14 years (I was the GM for my last 8 years there) and almost always sold more than the other three salesmen combined. I was the "Top Salesman of the Month" every month except 4 months out of 14 years. People liked dealing with me and would wait to see me. When the store owner would question people as to why they liked dealing with me so much they would always recite most, if not all, of the following reasons:


1) I was very knowledgeable of the products and services I was selling

2) I treated them with kindness and respect

3) they knew they would get a fair deal

4) they knew I would upsell them only if the more expensive product better matched their needs and wants and fit their budget

5) they knew I would do everything I could to help if they had problems after the sale

6) they knew I would never try to sell them something I wouldn't buy myself


To this day, the owner and I are still close friends and he will tell you in a heartbeat that I made him far more money than any other salesman he ever had.


It's all about building relationships. That's why I will pay a few dollars more to deal with local mom & pop establishments over big-box stores.

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who cares if some trailer trash fuck tard can't afford a hellcate?  learna trade that makes good money.  I would not give a gold plated shit to any douche comlaing they cant afford a heelcat...fuck you you dumbshit underpaid pussies

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