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73 Plymouth Duster - Street, Road Race, And Standing Mile Car

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Figured I should introduce my car on the forum. 


1973 Plymouth Duster.  My grandparents bought it new in 73, been in the family it's entire life, and it was given to me 15 years ago on my 15th birthday.



Received car with a 318 ci, 904 auto, weak rear end.

Upgraded to 408 ci, 727 auto, 8 3/4 rear end.





-3G Hemi

-tko600 5 speed

-ford 9" floater, 3.60:1 with locker

-Viper brakes on 14x1.25" on all 4,

-265/40/18 on all 4


Forged 5.7 events:

October 2013: Dyno'ed at 415 RWHP on Mustang Dyno

October 2013: Texas Mile- melted piston


Stock Long Block 6.1 events:

Nov 2013: HPDE at TWS

Jan 2014: HPDE at TWS

March 2014: TX2K14 Burnout Competition Winner

March 2014: HPDE at TWS

April 2014: Big Bend Open Road Race

August 2014: HPDE at TWS



Pulled the 6.1, just swapped in a 6.1 based 392. 


Motor Build specs:

4.055 bore, 3.795 stroke, 6.125 rod

Custom Wiseco pistons with lateral gas ports for spray

03-08 5.7 heads milled to closed chamber.  flow 332 cfm at .550. (GTP)

Hilborn intake

Cam specs:


A few pictures:









A few Videos (warning, some are long):

TX2K14 Burnout: http://youtu.be/fXsaPbjeLjY

Oct 2013 standing mile run: http://youtu.be/vLFkZzvmrdE?list=UULmauI0f-d_etqBKwN98jrA

Dyno Run from 2013: http://youtu.be/a-w-yaAnScA?list=UULmauI0f-d_etqBKwN98jrA

BBORR Fly By: http://youtu.be/1e5FaF2uy9o?list=UULmauI0f-d_etqBKwN98jrA

BBORR Southbound leg: http://youtu.be/A4vGFkAO88w?list=UULmauI0f-d_etqBKwN98jrA

8/10/14 TWS HPDE - http://youtu.be/cffgDBIXQUU?list=UULmauI0f-d_etqBKwN98jrA

Chasing a Lambo Superleggera 01/2013: http://youtu.be/OPJ3tcWxkE4?list=UULmauI0f-d_etqBKwN98jrA

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Thanks fellas.  I'll try to keep the thread updated with current events.  I'll probably get the car out to TWS another time or two this year, and may come to the lone star roundup again.



Great build, car and story!


Wondering why you went with the early 5.7 heads vs 6.1's, Eagles or Apaches?


Went with the 5.7's because I already had them from the 5.7 build, had a decent bit of money tied up in them, and Craig seems to think the early 5.7 heads are great for port velocity.  My Cross Sectional Area (CSA) measurements are very close to where I want to be (according to pipemax).


Given the road race nature of the car, I can see where port velocity can be important (theoretically).  Jury is still out on that IMO.  I'd love to know the CSA of eagles and apaches, as well as leading valve edge to cylinder head deck on the apaches (to calculate PTV clearance).  So I'm casually watching for a deal on apaches.

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Thanks bud. They're not exactly pretty cars. Gotta hide the ugly.


I still need to chop down the front bumper to fit flush with the body. And do some bodywork to this new splitter/air dam. My fiberglass work is horrendous.




The good news is it works great at keeping the nose down.

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New motor is in. She runs hard! Need to rent some dyno time to dial in the tune. Maybe alex can get his started and we can do a dyno day.


Also- I flowed the heads with the hilborn on it. Lost 20 cfm give or take. I'm pleased with that. Still need to play with different ITB lengths- see what it does to the torque curve.


Next track weekend is TWS jan24-25.

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Making progress in the Duster. Ran in Blue group this weekend (2nd of four levels).


Ran a half dozen laps under 2:10 this weekend (my previous best), including a couple 2:06's. Only got one on video.




This is the full session chasing the ACR-X (the 2:06 lap starts about 9:00 in):




Changes since last outing:

larger rear sway bar

lighter wheels - Enkei PF01

Used NT05's with ~2/32" tread left (2011 manufacture date)

6.1 based 392 stroker (vs stock 6.1)


Cars in group:


Porsche GT2

Porsche GT3

Lots of BMW's, Miatas, BR-Z's, etc


ACR-X was faster than me. Outran the rest. I'm still leaving a bit on the table - I need to stay in the gas longer, get on the brakes later and harder, use more track (and more gas) on track out, and carry more speed through a couple corners. All in all I'm happy to have cut ~4 seconds off my previous best with a less than good tire.

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Aren't you local El Diablo? Come on out. There's a quick stock 6.4 srt8 Challenger out there. Does very well.


*edited to spell out 'challenger', as 'ch@lly' automatically becomes 'vagina' on this forum. Hilarious.

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Couple suggestions

If that's a gopro switch your spot meter setting. You'll get better video of the track vs inside the car like this





Also move your seat up a few inches so your arms don't get crossed up in the turns. Watch nascar guys, they have the wheel in there chest.

Last ( and I'm bad about this ) only let go of the wheel to shift and get right back on the wheel.


Bad ass all around!

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