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Individual Headlight Tint Install

Around 17 bucks on Ebay for lights and foglights. If these are too dark, than I am not out too much. Here are 2 links. The first is the Ebay set for 17 bucks. The second is a thicker tint if you are looking for protection also. I already installed thick clear coating, so I put these right over the top.


Windex, paper towels, a bottle with detergent and water mix, a two sided squeegee and a hair dryer or heat gun. Ready, set, go! — at Boston Harbor Marina.




I forget where I got this, but it is a must!


One down, and it starts pouring down rain. Darn Weather app! If you are not experienced using a heat gun, use a hair dryer. Heat guns run 500-900 degrees and you can get in trouble in a hurry.


Left side finished.


Right side finished.





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^  Sure is.  

Mine looks like a piece of shit, but I am okay with that.  Gfunk was saying he was going to give up worrying about what his looks like - "Like you".  It good to see the clean show Challengers though.

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