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Who'd Have Ever Thunk

Well I don't know about that Brian, but it sure is good being able to work directly with Jim bell and his great crew directly and without prejudice. All that bs that happened so long ago was all the cause of one person and I'm damn happy it's all in the past. There's a ton of talent and potential at KB and I like to think we might just add to it. The proof will be in da pudding next weekend.

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I remember one of those rolling around in Hampton roads in the early 2000s, guy @ little creek owned it and would constantly get curb stomped by exhaust (LTs etc..) only Lightnings and stock LS1s. Seriously thought it was just a F&F inspired truck or something (I was 18 lol, oh well). He sure did talk it up though.  


Too cool.


Side note: One of my customers used to own one of those supercharged Shelby Durangos. I forgot those things even existed. :)

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