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Failing Hellcat Supercharger

Went buy my local dealer last night and they had a new Hellcat in the shop with 1533 miles on it with a failed blower.  They fired it up for me to hear it/get an opinion and it sounded to me like the front nose drive bearing going out.  It was howling like a lonely dog just sitting there idling.


Customer was apparently on a road trip in the car when the failure occurred and left the car.  They're waiting on a new blower to arrive to swap and then ship the car back to the customer.


Anyone else heard of any failures like this?  Seeing so many run all day at CF6 with no issues makes me think this is rare.

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If I was running SRT.... I would hire John Lewis to do all my road testing.


If the car/parts can survive Mr. Lewis's heavy foot and not break.... then it is good for the the consumer. ;) Nuff said. 



(John... this is a compliment..... not a dig....) :)

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