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Twin Turbo Rebuild Part Something Or Other...

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I guess I'm due for an update.


Rossler went through the transmission.  Perfectly good after all the weight and power I tossed at it.  Two observations:  looks like material from the ProTorque full on race converter was both in the filter inside the trans and aluminum on the input shaft that's likely from the verter as well.  This things was supposed to be full on tits so I haven't a clue what's up.  A.J. is to go to PT's offices to be there when they cut it open.  Likely change to steel stators.  Haven't a clue why it wasn't built that way the first time around...dunno.


All parts arrived at Seidle Racing Engines.  Rods took longer than expected.  Assembly should be kicking off this week...I hope.


Craig at Thitek got the repaired head back and all the parts are in.  We should see the rebuilt heads from Thitek next week...I hope.


rollbar at AGP Performance sent me a pic of my turbo kit on the jig.  He wanted the Modern Muscle high capacity oil pan so that he could work around it.  Also the wastegates.  Can't wait to see the final product.


Precision is through the turbos.  Need to call them tomorrow to see if they shipped.


A.J. is to start on the car this week to have things ready for the arrival of the parts.  He is to provide a punch list of the parts needed to pull everything together.  I know I FUBAR'd a few items like the steering rack from the shrapnel from the blown motor.  A.J. also wants to  clean up a few wiring items that were not done very intelligently considering how I use the car (e.g. my external trans controller is mounted such that I can't get to my fuel pressure regulator...don't ask).  I'm not going to turn this into another science experiment...juse a few cleanup items.  Degreasing the car will be a good start.





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Sounds like a good plan Sammo.


Dare I ask for pics of the cut up TC or have we seen enough carnage in this thread? :)


Just saying. Good luck with her.



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The latest....


Rossler trans is with A.J.  Zero issues.


ProTorque converter lost the snap ring that held the stator to the bearings.  FUBAR'd.  Why the snap ring let loose without enough pressure in the engine to pop the seals is beyond me.  I'm told the design has been improved.  Rebuild to occur.


rollbar has the turbo kit out of the jig and should be finishing up and getting the kit powdercoated shortly.  He made sure the rear crossmember fit snugly around the beefed up oil pan from Modern Muscle. Looking really kick ass.  I'm stoked about this upgrade.   


Precision shipped the turbos after repairing damaged bearings from shrapnel, helicoiling one of the bosses, and swapping out to larger turbine housings which will work with the new AGP kit.


Chris Seidle is working on my motor now...back from vacation.  Indicated he would be working on it until it's finished.


The heads are going to have to go back to the welder...again.  Apparently Craig observed some decked/filled o-ring grooves weren't addressed properly after they got from the first welding repair and reached out to Chris who told him to address the issue.  First I heard of it when I asked for an update.  I had zero issues with the heads till the POS Manley valve failed.  No leaking, no lifting, nothing once I got rid of the POS copper gaskets and o-rings initially installed by API.  All the parts for the rebuild of them have been at Thitek, but they have yet to be machined or assembled unless that happened in the last few days.  Maybe end of this week.  Not sure they'll be ready in time for the motor bench test which is disappointing if it plays out that way.  Hopefully Craig can make this happen given the drama.


A.J. was to get started on the car again.  Get someone at the shop to clean up the oily mess.  Put together a punch list of parts.  Would be good to have it ready for the motor/turbo kit once they arrive.  


I'd like to make Lonestar MOPAR Fest and the Mile...need to break-in and test before then.  I'm not pushing it until I know it's right.  Tired of rebuilding the big girl.  Would like to just race and have some fun for a while.  The Jeep SRT has been a good distraction.



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Good luck bro, sounds like the wheels of progress are moving much faster than in the past. With a lot of luck I will have mine back together for the Tx Mile in Oct.

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