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Hellcat Pulley Swap And Tune Info And Pics

We recently installed an ATI 10% OD pulley, t-stat, flashed PCM and tune on a customers A8 Hellcat.


Hopefully these pictures and comments will help others who will be attempting this in the future. You could also pull the radiator out the bottom and avoid pulling the front fascia - we just prefer having easy sight and tool access to everything.  


Note: You will need to use the "next" at the top of the page to scroll through the pics (or just go to the OST Dyno Facebook page)


Notice how the stock pulley was slipping.



Timing cover massage and crank pinned.



Dyno video - looks better on the FB page and the dyno graph is in the comments.


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Unpinned crank pulley.  Unreal.  No wonder Al's car had issues and tore up the crank.


How much boost did the larger ATI give over stock?  1.5 - 2psi?

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Yeah, the lack of a factory keyway on the crank is a major WTF


Nice work Mike.

Neither is the viper and C6 corvette. Don't know about C7. Engineers....

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