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*** Hemituner Performance Atco Mshs - Saturday Nov 7, 2015 ***

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Thanks to Auto Complete Mobile Detailing and Thomas Dillon for sponsoring some cold beverages at the welcome festivities and adding some cashola to the Street Class prize pool.

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Keep booking those rooms, waiting to the last minute will be a mistake!!!


But if everybody books a room right now there will no room available now or at the last minute so some should wait until the last minute so others will get a room now... :huh:

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Over $10,000 in prizes, thanks to all of our sponsors


Title Sponsors: Drive Shaft Shop & Paramount Performance Products
Event Sponsor: Hemituner Performance

Stage 6 Motorsports – King of the Hill
East Coast MoParts – Pentastar Bracket Class
HP Tuners – Unlimited Class
Demon Performance – Super Pro Class
ThiTek – Pro Class
SpeedLogix – Modified Class
Legmaker Intakes – Super Stock Class
True Street Performance – Street Class
SpeedLogix – Hellcat Shootout
High Horse Performance – Best Reaction Time
Speedy’s Garage – 6 Speed Shootout
Orthopedic Spine Care of Long Island – Best ET
DTP Racing – Hellcat Challenge
Stell Sav – Twin Win Award
Rich Wesley – Smallest Margin of Victory Award
John Lewis – Hard Luck Award
Nitrous Outlet – Best 60 Foot Award
MS Racing Components – Hemi VVT Locker
BFNY Performance – Stock Class Grand Prize
Billet Technology – Reed Motorsports Bounty and Party Sponsor
Tri State Batteries - Reed Motorsports Bounty
Auto Complete Mobile Detailing/Tom Dillon – Party Sponsor and Street Class
Reed Motorsports - Best ET VVT

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It is an honor that this year's Championship Trophies will use the forged pistons from Harrison Zauke's (Harry Balls) record setting 8 Second Jeep.

For those that don't know, Harrison and his crew are Stage6 Motorsports and H&S Pipe Works. These pistons are soooooooo nice!!!...they could go back into an engine. Truly appreciate Harrison donating them since he has built another monster engine for his Jeep. Stage6 has been a stout supporter of MSHS since day one and still continues to be. King of Kings (should there be one) will also receive a trophy as well as Shop Wars team winner.


Thanks Harrison!!






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Got a Hellcat?  Bring it out to ATCO on November 7th and see how you stack up against other Hellcat owners in the Speedlogix Hellcat Shootout.  Your entry into the Hemituner Performance Modern Street HEMI Shootout includes that class as well!!!


And for you all throttle no bottle hard core racers, ThiTek has put up $1000 cold hard cash to the winner of the ThiTek All Motor Showdown.  Line up and see who has what it takes.


One entry covers all!



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Not this year but Id like to incorporate it next year for sure.  All about sponsor money :)

Speedy sponsored a cash bonus for anyone that won a class in a 6 speed, since we had the shootout at VMP, his money went there.  

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I think I'll sponsor "who can beat toofart in the six speed shootout

Toofart-will you be at atco? Got my slicks and skinnies yesterday. Driveshaft was delivered today. Ready for a rematch.

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