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Starting To Clean The Engine Bay

So, I've had my 2010 Deep Water Blue SE for 4 weeks tomorrow.

Athough I had degreased and cleaned the engine bay, it was far from "to be proud of".



So Today I got down to loosening a moving a few parts under the hood in order to scub the painted areas, wax, and touch-up scratches where they were.  Also, removed the black plastic strut covers to clean, prime, and paint body color too.


Jordan Speith was holding off Karl S, pretty well.....

So, I decided to remove the top of the air box and pull the coolant reservoir too.  With the final intention to degrease it, and add a couple of light coats of the body color - masking a strip on the side to read the coolant level.

***Boy am I glad I did!

Although, the coolant itself looked fine, there was a lot of glump stuck on the sides, and sediment on the bottom of the tank.  I used a detergant, let it sit a while, then flused out completely for 5 minutes.

I kept a sample to show my fav service tech when I get there next.







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I finished up the custom strut covers on the Patriot Challenger last week.

Now I am finishing painting the washer fluid reservoir; and installing a JDM catch can anoodized to match the engine bay.

Next....blue wire loom.







It's an inexpensive JDM catch can; and I will install some stainless steel wire mesh between the tube openings in order to create a surface for oil mist to condense on, as well as minimize splash through.

Here's a pic of the ss screen.



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Finished up the catch can mod this weekend, with the exception of awaiting the braided hose.

I place a stainless steel screen between the two openings of the can, to help collect oil mist.

And, installed the  two 45 degree fittings to keep the hoses away from hitting the hood.

Will post final pictures when hoses done.




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