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Hellcat Drivers Just Want To Have Fun

This was all over Facebook this weekend, oooooopsie




As it happens with pretty much any performance car out there, there are owners who do justice to the brand and there are also owners who simply don’t deserve their machines. We are here to talk about a Challenger Hellcat guy who clearly falls into the latter category.

The Hellcat driver attended a car meet on Sunday, with the guy reportedly deciding to show off in front of everybody once the parking lot started emptying.

His sideways shenanigan went off course, resulting in the Challenger crashing into a nicely restored Chevrolet Biscayne - many mention an Impala crash, but since this model features a B-pillar, we are talking about the lower positioned Biscayne here.

Judging by how the two cars look in the image above and by what witnesses claim, the crash was rather serious.

At this point, the levels of failure exhibited by the Hellcat driver begin to unfold before us.

Sure, Hellcat production might be limited, but the loss is much less significant than what the Chevy accounts for. For one thing, we all know how complicated insurance matters can get for such pieces of retro metal.

One of the aficionados who attended the show (we weren’t able to trace down the location) gives us his view on the matter:

"Pretty sure if the owner of the Impala hadn't almost got run over he'd of killed the HellCat owner. Pretty sure he realised a car can be replaced but his life and best friends life was almost ended."

The police stepped in

As if the events described above hadn’t been enough, it seems the Hellcat driver’s show-off intentions might have been fuelled by more than just the 707 ponies of his machines.

As the Black Widow Exhaust Facebook page shows (via 1320video), the guy was arrested for reckless driving, with a DUI suspicion also on the menu.

Oh well, at least nobody seems to have been injured in the accident.


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