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Whippled 405 Jeep Srt8

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Started the work on port matching the lower Whipple tub to the Thitek heads.










My dad will be port matching the supercharger tub to the heads.  I have a number of polishing tools on the way to smooth things out better but he got a start on the rough shape of things.










I sourced some grade 8 button heads bolts and am contemplating using these rather than the allen head bolts.

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The weather was so nice out a couple days ago that I decided to take advantage of it and do some painting.  I decided to start by working on the AC and transmission cooler lines.  They needed a lot of cleaning up and tlc.  I’ve always wanted to paint the lines black in an attempt to hide them better.  The AC lines in particular stand out on top of the Jeep motor so painting them black should stop them from sticking out so bad.  I did some research and nothing or no one said I can’t paint these so we shall see how they hold up.  I did this on my 05 Ram several years ago with no issues.


Dirty and nasty:




First two all cleaned up and painted:



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While cleaning the engine bay I inspected the front differential bushing.  They are notorious for going bad and causing a few problems down the road.  With the engine out of the way, it’s a lot easier to access than the alternative.  Sure enough, mine is ripped completely through on one side and half way on the other.  So we had at it and got the old one out.  New one is on order and I hope it goes in easy enough.













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Removed the transmission and t-case.  Not sure if this was absolutely necessary but we weren’t sure if we could get the dowel pins to separate between the engine and transmission and we really wanted to try to get the engine out with the heads still on if possible.  We also thought we would probably have to push the Jeep off the lift and over to the empty stale to use the engine hoist.




Decided that we would try to mock-up the engine hoist while on the lift.  We were under the impression that the only way to pull the engine out the top was with the heads off.  I asked several of the experts and they told me that the only way to pull the engine with the heads on was if you dropped the cradle.  We also figured we would have to move the Jeep off the lift to pull the engine but that wasn’t the case either.




Well before too long, the engine was hanging in the air and it got pulled out all in one piece with the heads still on. 




I was hoping this project would take most of the winter but the whole thing is disassembled already.  Time for detail work and cleanup.

NO WAY!!!!     It's a like a 1000 pc puzzle, once you start getting it done becomes the man objective, so you can see what it looks like finished! But in this case taking it for a Fast Ride


Everything looks really nice,especially the smooth clean up and painting of parts.


Linda :)  

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We are still in the porting and polishing phase with the intake manifold but my dad moved on to checking the Kooks headers versus the Thitek heads to determine what work would need to be done there.  Turns out the Kooks are very very well done.  They are shaped perfectly and there is no welding slag on the inside.  No work needed on the headers.


Here my dad made a template of the head.



Here’s that template on the header.



Here’s a look inside the header hole.


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Agreed.  We are pretty happy with the quality of the Kooks.  I did buy them used.  They came with the catted mid-pipes but they were shot.  The cats were rattling around inside so I bought the offroad mid-pipes and then had everything ceramic coated.



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I had a couple days off and nice weather so I cleaned up some more parts and did a little more painting.


To make the Whipple fit the WK1, I got a power steering reservoir from a WK2.  We installed it and it has worked just fine.  I don't like the white plastic snout sticking up so I cleaned it up and painted the top section and left a section in the rear clear to act like a sight glass.






I have a ton of other things to clean up but that will come in time.  You can see the ps reservoir behind the throttle body in this picture.




I also finished up more of the AC lines and transmission cooler lines.



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Little update:  Work got in the way the last few weeks and then a chance trip to pick up some wheels for my dad's 300 led us to PRI.  So we only got a little work done on the Jeep. 


I got the break-in oil ready.



I don't know what this is called, dust shield?  I had it out before when we swapped transmissions and wanted to clean it up then but never got to it.  Here it is halfway through grinding all the corrosion off.  I'm not sure if it was galvanized or coated with something but it was fine in some areas and corroding in others.



Painted it silver to help keep it clean even though it will never be seen again.



I bought some chassis paint which is similar to paint over rust.  I have a few spots on the bottom of the frame and front cradle which had a little rust so I sanded them down and touched them up.  I hope this paint is everything it's claimed to be.  Pricy.







I got to see the CrowMod in person.  Thanks to Dave Weber and Pete Ostman for making it happen.



My dad found his next engine.



E-force is a possible future mod for the 300.



Anyone looking for a triple turbo setup?



Need a monster engine?



How about a more monster engine?



Lots of Pro Mods there.



The wheels we picked up for the 300.



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I have the week off so I went over to the garage to work on the Jeep.  Little did I know, we were going to work on suspension parts all day.  Yesterday we worked on putting in the front differential bushing and looked over a few different things.  I pointed out some a-arm bushing that looked a little degraded to my pops and we assessed what it would take to replace them.  There is this clevis bolt that is infamous on the Jeeps for being stubborn to get out.  It rusts and welds itself to a metal sleeve inside a rubber bushing.  Impact wrenches do nothing because the rubber absorbs the impact.  Breaker bars just twist the rubber.  We spent an entire day working on these bolts (one on each side) a year ago when we put in lowering springs and new struts.  We failed at getting them out and ended up replacing the struts with the clevis still attached.  We decided that we would leave the suspension upgrades and replacements for another time so I kept on cleaning.  Apparently, my dad re-decided to visit the suspension again last night.   


After that clevis bolt kicked our butts most of the day, it's now in three pieces and the lower a-arm is out.




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I finally refurbished the wiring harness.  I was putting this task off as long as possible because I knew it wasn't going to be much fun.  It's 10 years old.  It was covered in grease and grim.  It had worn and weathered pretty bad in a few places and no less than two of the connectors needed repaired or replaced.  Most of the electric tape was falling off.  I looked into replacing it with a new one but the price was cost prohibitive. 


I bought some new connectors and wire wrap sheathing.  I wore latex gloves whenever I handled the wiring as I was cleaning it because it was that nasty dirty.




To ease the pain, I set up shop with everything I needed in front of the 70" tv.  It took me eight hours over a two day period to finish it. 




Here's a good shot of what I was working with.




Every time I stepped away the dog would take the seat.




Hard to tell from a distance but it is almost like new.




My dad cleaned up the drive shafts.  The front shaft was nothing but surface rust.  I should have taken a before picture.




Also just got new a-arms in today.    They came bare metal so my dad painted them.




Received new engine mounts.




And we also refurbished a whole bunch of bolts.  My dad spent a couple hours in front of the wire wheel on the bench grinder (a nice 8" variable speed unit I bought him).  Then we painted the heads.



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Wow Kevin you and your dad have been very busy my friend and it's really coming along nicely!!! Have a safe holiday season and let me know if you might still be interested in those items I pm'd you about before,thnx again,Robert

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Yeah, the bolt heads will probably be touched up after install as well.  After cleaning them up with the wire wheel, we like to paint them as soon as possible.  Then after install they just need a touch up if everything goes right.


We are waiting on a few suspension pieces to be delivered.  After inspecting the bushings some more, we decided to replace another one on the front differential.  Then we looked hard at the front suspension.  Decided now is as good a time as any since everything is so easy to get and from so many different angles.

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I got a new AC dryer and painted it black.




I also wanted to paint the 90mm throttle body.  It was a cast version and while it performs well, it's nothing special to look at.  It was really rough so I smoothed out some areas and then painted it with a textured black in an effort for it to match the black whipple.






We kind of went wild with the suspension.  Now was as good a time as any to replace a few of the worn bushings so we replaced them all.  The brakes, struts, and springs were all replaced or redone last year. 





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