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I Want To Get Stroked, I Think.

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Well I was going to start a new thread about this same subject. Interesting read and great input.


My plan was to bore (or stroke) my 2011 392 A5 AND add a 2.9LWhipple. After reading and re-reading this thread, I'm rethinking that.  The main reason I was considering boring to a 426 is because of my mileage. I'm right at 50K miles. My concern was that I might run into problems when installing forged internals with wear from the 50K miles. So why not just bore it out?


No doubt about it, I'm installing the Whipple 2.9L and forged internals. Anyone else added forged pistons/rings/rods on a Challenger with this kind of mileage? Issues?. Would I be better off maybe adding a 274 cam and long tubes rather than boring it out?  I do plan on racing at the track and have DR's.


Input? Thanks all........  B)


At 50,000 miles I doubt the cylinders have enough wear that a .005 hone job would probably clean them up.

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Chris, you found an old thread and resurrected it too late. The original poster of this thread decided to go with a Whipple also: http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/17194-apache-heads-worth-porting-keeping-na/


(You have to read it all the way through to see how Speedy and everyone else talks him into a Whipple.)


And Speedy, for the record, my Procharger was NOT loud. You have to get the helical gear set. And also, have a louder exhaust to drown it out...  :D

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