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Barton Shifter With Hand Finished & Polished Flat Stick

For sale,


My custom finished and polished Barton Shifter with Flat Stick for the 6 speed.  This has been in the car for about two years but only a thousand or so miles on it.  I hand finished the rough flat stick and removed the tooling marks from the CNC.  Then I polished it to a fine luster.  This can't be purchased finished like this!  


From their website;

Firm centering springs

- The only shifter on the market for your Challenger that has self centering springs. They help mask the slop that is in the gear selector rod. This gives you a perfect 2-3 shift EVERY time. The transmission has internal springs but the problem is that when you change gears from the left gate of gears 1 and 2, and the right gate of gears 5 and 6, back to the center gates of 3 and 4, the shift rod moves back to where it needs to be, but because of the slop in the yoke, the linkage does not center back to where it needs to be, leading to missed shifts. The centering springs in our shifter will help aid the yoke and linkage back in alignment with the selector rod.


It'll be removed from the car once sold or sooner.  Going to the land of Burrito eaters!  $425 firm. Plus shipping.installedandpolished_zpsec177955.jpgreflection_zpsa02f623e.jpginstalledblade_zpsbcfc894b.jpg


Thanks for looking,



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I'm asking for 425. It's about 475 new but that would also be with the raw finished blade. The hand finishing was quite a few hours to remove the errant tool paths.

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nope I'm just going to burrito ville!


TH400 with Gear Vendors.  Need to transfer that torque and power to the ground without worrying about when the Tremec is going to let go..

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