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2025 Hellcat





If children are the future then these are our future muscle cars.

We recently shared news that Dodge was turning to child labor to design the 2025 SRT Hellcat. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. FCA was actually running a design contest for students in the US between grades 10 and 12. The aim of the Drive for Design contest was to show young artists that automotive design could be a potential career path. It also gives young artists exposure on a national stage from one of the world’s biggest automakers. So, who won? Ben Treinen of Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati took first place.
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Second place went to Harrison Kunselman of Mount de Sales Academy in Macon, Georgia. Third place was given to Hwanseong Jang of Bloomfield Hills High School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and fourth place went to Andrew Gombac of Loyola Academy located in Wilmette, Illinois. All the winners will be recognized and awarded prizes on February 26 at the 64th annual Meguiar’s Detroit Autorama at Cobo Center in Detroit. Prizes include Apple electronics, a three-week summer course at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, three passes to the Detroit Autorama, a three-day/two-night stay in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and dinner with members of the FCA US Design team.


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Additionally, the winning sketches will stay on display at the Mopar booth throughout the event. All of these look like Vision Gran Turismo cars, so why not put one in the video game now? The first place sketch of the Charger (it appears to have four doors) against the blue backdrop looks like it'd be awesome to drive online.


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Sorry didn't mean to imply it anyone in particular I just thought it was funny. The last time I got in a Vette it was not as easy as it use to be. Low slung cars are not for me anymore. Yea, I need to lose a few lbs...

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I have the seat in the race car set pretty low. It's a bitch getting over that roll bar.  6'4" doesn't help either....that's one reason the steering wheel has a quick disconnect on it.

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