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Tcm Tuning For Your Nag Equiped Lx/lc/ld/wk, Prices And Services

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Just look for the fast cars.

That's the other problem... There were sooooo many at Challengerfest; and I wasn't one of them.

I did manage to holler at AJ over a fence.. But that was the last sighting... I carried my spare TCM and a wad of cash in my pocket the rest of the day and night at the hotel.... M.I.A.

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New Boards. are almost ready. We totally re-designed the end user interface. COuld be as little as 30 days away!



Any updates on this AJ ?

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Needed to give Aj a big shout out here for his tune support and kick ass TCM.


Aj really delivered the goods with getting me a custom TCM delivered at the MSHS VMP race.  I ordered a TCM with the higher 6400 shift points and auto upshift.  


The TCM and its higher shift points really woke the car up.  I went from running 11.9's @ 114 in detroit to 11.6's @ 117 at VMP with the new TCM and an rpm limit tweak on Aj's Hemituner tune done by Erik @ BFNY while at the track.  The most noticeable gains from the TCM and higher shift point were in the 60' and higher MPH.


Last weekend at MIR my butter smooth 6.4 daily driver knocked out consistent 11.5's @ 117 and an unbelievable 1.57 60'.


Just can't beat those results.


Thanks Aj!!!



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