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Challengerfest 7 Event T Pre-Ordering

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Pre-order event T's HERE - Deadline for pre-order is Noon CST 3/14/2016


NOTE:  If you want your screen name or a nick name monogrammed on the shirt below the CF7 logo it is $7.50 extra.  You need to add that to your order with the name you want printed.


I will keep a tally in this thread for who orders what like usual.
RT_6Speed - 1 x XL - PAID
Kenneth F. - 2 x XL - PAID
PlumCrazyRT - 1 x L; 1 x XL - PAID
Kev5696 - 1 x 2XL - PAID
devildoghellcat - 1 x M; 1 x L; 2 x XL; 1 x 3XL - PAID
3838 - 1 x XL - PAID
HEMI2NV - 1 x L; 1 x M - PAID
Tout - 1 x XL - PAID
MikeDCop - 1 x 3XL 1 x ** - PAID
Renfrick1 - 2 x L (with monogram)
BayouTiger/BayouTigress - PAID
Mopar408 - 1 x 2XL - PAID
BJB 2 x 2XL; 1 x 1XL - PAID
Jpw2133 - 1 x Kids SM; 1 x Kids LG; 1 x 2XL +2 monograms - PAID
Daniel K. - 1 x 2XL; 1 x XL - PAID
BayouTiger/Tigress - PAID
Goehner  1 x XL - PAID
LuvMyRT -  1 x XL 1 x M PAID
Barbara C. - 1 x LG - PAID
RonP - 1 x M; 1 x LG; 1 x XL - PAID
Curbrash - 1 x XL - PAID
Yellow Jacket - 1 x M + monogram - PAID
ShadowXL - 1 x 2XL - PAID
Amy D. - 1 x M; 1 x 2XL - PAID
Sloan1 - 1 x 3XL with monogram; 1 x LG - PAID
Lori C. - 1 x 2XL; 1 x M - PAID
Jettech104 - 1 x 3XL; 1 x M - PAID
Ricky B. - 1 x 2XL; 1 x SM - PAID
muzza - 2 x LG - PAID
rtr0id - 2 x 2XL; 1 x 3XL - PAID
coleman345ci - 1 x M; 1 x LG; 1 x XL; 1 x 3XL - PAID
Dale H. 1 x 3XL - PAID
IvoryCat - 1 x LG - PAID
jaamrace - 1 x Kids LG; 1 x LG; 1 x XL - PAID
FURY S RT - 1 x SM 1 x XL - PAID

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Ordered 1 XL - found the option to add the size/screen name but not to add the additional $7.50 for the name.  All good with it w/o the name. 


No biggie either way, just made it an option.  After you add your t-shirt to the cart, you hit "keep shopping" and go back and add the screen name $7.50.  $7.50 seems like a lot to me, but the shirt place claims those are 100% manual work and setup so is what it is.

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I'll get the list updated tonight.


Something I want to make sure that's clear, monograms WILL NOT be included unless you add the $7.50 charge to your order.  Some folks have typed in their screen name and I'm not sure if they just did that so I'd know who they were, or if they actually wanted it on the shirt.

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Ordered up

I added one for Julie

She says she's coming this year and if she does I'll get with you down there


She says she'll only go if she can race an orange six speed.

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paid 1 XXL - no name


the order page has a place to enter your screen name as well as it asks for that in the paypal text box.....perhaps that is the source of the confusion. 

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