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Enhanced Transmission And Dss Aluminum Driveshaft

Well after I installed the 2.9 Whipple in November and I ran a few datalogs for AJ. He told me my factory NAG1 was begging for mercy. So on his recommendation I reached out to Ben from Enhanced Transmission. I ordered his built transmission, flex plate, and DSS one piece aluminum driveshaft. Ben had the tranny and flex plate dropped shipped within four days of me ordering it. The driveshaft was going to take two to three weeks to build. I good friend of mines who owns a shop, let me use one of his lifts. The plan was to install the transmission and go run this Friday. Well the driveshaft showed up last night. Well I'm upset at my own timing because I had the car buttoned up to go run tomorrow. I have decided to pull the exhaust and install the driveshaft tonight and hopefully I don't have any issues. Been dying to go run since AJ dyno tuned her in December. Been dying to make a few passes before CF 7. On the start tune in November she ran 10.98 and 10.96. Let's see how she does tomorrow at Atlanta Dragway with the new transmission, driveshaft, and AJ's dyno tune. Here are some pics. Wish me luck!!





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That stuff is so good looking its a shame you can't see it


Yes it is.

Good luck Eddie, hope to see you at the track friday night.


It's a shame they cancelled the event Scott

Thx for the great customer service Eric and Ben. I decided to wait till next week to install the driveshaft at my friends shop and use the lift. Not your fault on the timing of the delivery. 

Hope you see mid tens. I don't know if I should be happy or not that the driveshaft showed when it did.,....lol

It looks like it will be a few weeks before I can get any seat time at the local tracks or wait till CF 7 Alan  

Get er done Eddie, good luck at the track.


One of my favorites as well.

Good luck Eddie! Nice choice on the beers, too. I love Shock Top.

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Well it looks like I will have to wait another two weeks before I can get some seat time. Atlanta Dragway cancelled last night and I have to work today is test and tune...oh well I guess it gives me time to install the driveshaft.

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