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Travel Tuning - A Really Impressive Shop

I have been spending more time than I prefer traveling to tune vehicles but thought I would share this particular experience. I get to see some really nice shops around the US and Canada when traveling to tune. However, this one was particularly unique. I am currently subcontracted by Sprintex Superchargers to provide tuning solutions and support. They flew me into Dallas to tune two supercharged 2016 JK's. When I walked into this shop I was smiling ear to ear. This place is amazing, extremely well organized and the staff was a pleasure to work with. 


Here's what I saw when I walked in the front door:






After checking these vehicles out thoroughly (this is the waiting area) the shop manager showed up and took me out to the shop. Here's what I saw:









This was just the area for "completed" Jeeps. 


I was sent there to complete V6 SC tuning, which didn't get finished until very late into the evening, 


While I was working on the Sprintex equipped JK's the tech's at Starwood asked me if I ever tuned a Gen III Hemi before. They said that they had JK that had a 6.4 Hemi swapped in it along with a Whipple SC. They indicated that they had been working with someone for over a year and that they could not get it running right. I told them that I had to do the work I was flown in by Sprintex to do - but if time permitted I would take a look.


The next thing I know this monstrosity pulls up behind the two Jeeps I was working on and yes, it was running terribly. 






Short story long, I looked the "Bandit" over, flashed a good tune in it, cleaned up some codes, and at 1am took it for a spin :)


What a blast and a great way to end a long day!



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Awesome Mike!  Amazing how many builds and shops there are out there that lack proper tuning.  Nice work.



That is freakin awesome!!!! What a experience!

It was unique :)


Yuuuppp....looks like Heaven to me!



I wanted to drive the Lambo home to Pa. but they said no....



farghin Texans and their toys.....

My thoughts exactly! Gives new meaning to "Rollin' on 40's" - or whatever size those tires were.

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These guys just sent me another video of them beating the daylights out of the "bandit" on 40's - poor quality but fun to watch! Still running the startup tune with one revision....


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